15 Thousandth Episode Of The Archers!

today (7 november) is the 15 thousandth episode of radio 4’s popular soap The Archers. the Archers is a fictional show set in the fictional village of ambridge. ambridge is near the fictional county of Borchester. it has been running for 56 years. it is on at 2 minutes past 7 GMT from sunday to friday every week.

if you are a regular listener, you will have known the latest events, from sophie’s (david’s ex girlfriend) return to ambridge, to ruth and sam’s secrets.

since it is the 15 thousandth episode, i will give you the synopsis. i’m good like that, see!!
home thoughts from oxford
When Ruth is leaving for Oxford, she gets upset because she discovers that Pip has chosen to go shopping instead of being there to see her off. Josh and Ben have made her a card which says “Have a wicked time”, and David tells her she should go to oxford more often.
Sam arrives at the hotel and checks in. He orders flowers and champagne. Ruth rings him to say that she’s stuck in heavy traffic. She doesn’t seem too excited about what awaits her at the hotel.
Pip comes home, and asks when Ruth is coming back. David persuades her to stay while he does the milking, and Piptells him that she thinks they’re splitting up. David assures her they’re sorting things out, that he and Ruth love one another and love the children. it will all work out. Pip seems convinced and agrees to text Ruth to say she’s safely home.
Sam rings Ruth, who’s in another traffic jam. By now she’s even less enthusiastic. When he rings off, Pip rings her, and tells her brightly that things at Brookfield are fine. She and David are cooking. It’s the final straw for Ruth. As she reaches the hotel, she asks Sam to come down to the car. She can’t come inside; everything has changed. She can’t leave the children, and she can’t lie any more to David. She can’t go through with things, and is so, so sorry. It’s over.

to listen to the latest episode or to listen to episodes from the past 7 days, go to:
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Campaigne For Blind And Partially Sighted People To Get The Higher Rate Of The Mobility Component Of DLA

I’m a bit….ashamed of these entries, bt want to publish the blog from the start. I’m glad my writing has matured over the years.

While reading the RNIB’S website a couple of months ago, I came across
This Link
This is a campaign to make blind and partially sighted people get the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA (disability living allowance).

A lot of you are probably wondering: what the hell is she on about? Let me explain…

There are 2 components to DLA: the care component (This is for people who need extra care, for example, people who cannot feed and dress themselves) and the mobility component (for people who have difficulty getting around). The care component has 3 rates: the higher rate (60 pounds per week),the middle rate (40 pounds per week) and the low rate (16 pounds per week). The mobility component only has 2 rates: the high rate (about 43 pounds per week) and the low rate (16 pounds per week).

Currently only people with physical disabilities like wheelchair users get the higher rate of mobility. The RNIB is trying to change this because blind and partially sighted people have to rely on taxies and people to take them everywhere.

LET’S CAMPAIGN TO CHANGE THIS. Sorry this is in capitals but i want to highlight it. I’m not shouting at anyone.

I’ve also created a petition about this. Please sign it. It’s at:
This Website

Let me know your comments about this issue. Do you think it is unfair that blind and partially sighted people don’t get the higher rate of mobility?? Do you not care? All views welcome!!!!!!