"I Like Girls With Big Brains"!-A Mika Interview

While reading a magazine called
i came across this cool interview about the latest pop sinsation, Mika!!! I’m going to put the things that the interviewer says on a different line from Mika’s response. Enjoy!!!

This interview was done by Lucy Saxton.

MIZZ chats to Mika about clever kicks and crazy fans…
Hey Mika, how are you doing?
“I’m excellent, thanks. I’ve just had a great weekend, basking in the sun.”
In a summery state of mind, then?
“Not yet. I’m working on it, though! I’m pritty busy at the moment.”
We bet! Did you think you’d become a huge pop sinsation so quickly?
“No! Not at all, i thought it would take a lot more time than it has!”
What’s it like being described as the brightist new hope for music in 2007?
“It’s very flattering, but also distracting. You have to keep focused in this business.”
Is it true you have more than 22,000 friends on Myspace?
“Erm, i actually have 160,000 now! The internet really does have more power than anyone realises. Blogs and sites like Myspace have really contributed to my success. It’s a whole new way of discovering music.”
Do you check your own Myspace?
“I read the messages. It’s amazing seeing all the people who want to reach out to me. It’s really touching.”
You’re mates with the notorious celeb blogger Periz Hilton, aren’t you?
“Yes i am!”
What do you get up to?
“We’re actually pritty boring when we get together. We just hang out and eat!”
Got any crazy fans?
“Oh yes! One girl sent me her ex boyfriend’s boxers, to try and help her get over him.”
Eww, gross! Had she washed them?
“Ha ha! No, it was disgusting!”
Did you have to deal with any strange people when you played in america?
“Well, there were some guys who jumped on stage with me when i was performing. There were about eight or nine of them and they wanted to sing and dance with me. Crazy!”
At least you’re getting a good reaction!
“Yeah, definitely. We had a signing over there that started at 11 PM and about 300 people were standing in queues til 3 AM, just to get autographs. It’s an amazing feeling!”
Which do you prefer, british or american girls?
“I don’t care. I’m really not a looks man anyway. I always go for brains, i’m really not a superficial person. I don’t care what anyone looks like!”
Did you get any celebrities coming to your shows in america?
“Yes, and it was a blast! There were people like hollywood film directors and fashion designers dancing away to my music, for an hour and a half!”
Did you get starstruck?
“No, cause i was taller than all of them!”
Your lyrics are a bit crazy. Do they reflect your personality?
“Well, i like that you can take reality and make it even crazier…”
Are you an optimist or a pesimist?
“I’m a realist. But i’m also delusional!”
Er, what exactly do you mean by that?
“Well, if you work hard enough with your mind, i think you can get dogs and sunflowers to rain down from the sky.”
LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION’S starting to make sense, now! You seem a very mello person. Ever get angry?
“Yeah, all the time. I always speak my mind and get in trouble! I think i have some kind of social disability or something, where i can’t keep my gob shut!”
That’s actually pritty hard to imagine! When was the last time you totally lost the plot like that?
“This morning. I paid a fortune for some coffee, and it was cold. I went nuts, and made them make me another cup, and they gave me the wrong thing. So, i ended up wishing i’d just kept my mouth shut.”
When was the last time you had a really good laugh?
“This morning again, cause the whole coffee fiasco was so ridiculous!”
So, what do you want to happen to Mika this year?
“I want to go on holiday to the swiss alps, to a small, quiet little alpine lodge!”
Sounds like you’re in need of a little relaxation and revitalisation.
“Yes. I want to drink LOADS of water, and feel totally rejuvinated. Then my skin will be soft as a baby’s bum!”

Mika’s single, BIG GIRL is out in July, and his album, LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION, is out now.
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Wow, What A Scorcher!

Today was utterly scorching here. It must have been at least 22 degrees C, or maybe more. It wasn’t too bad this morning, but by the afternoon, it was terrible!!! I mean, i don’t mind the weather when it’s sunny, but there is a limmit. And it was supposed to rain today!!!! Well it kinda did, a bit, but not all day. We had thunder and lightening earlier as well.

Is anyone else experiencing such a mix bag of weather today, or is it just me?