Second Work Experience Placement-Help!

Last year I went on work experience. I went to a place that sells technology for blind and visually impaired people. It was Called Visual Access. It was in Belfast.

Now, I have been allowed to go on a second work experience placement. We will go from the 3rd December, to the 7th. Sorry, but during the time of writing this, I wrote that I was going in October. This is not the case. Sorry again.

Anyway, I would love to go back to Visual Access, but my careers teacher would prefer me to go somewhere local. I want to do social work, but the confidentiality stops me.

Do any of you guys know of where I could go this time? Apparently, I could do something similar to last year, or something different. By a placement that is local, I mean somewhere in the Antrim/Ballymena region. Any suggestions? If you need any more info, give me a shout.


Opthalmologists Today….

I was at my local ophthalmologists office today. Everything’s fine.

First, a nurse came and took me in to another room. She covered each of my eyes to see if i could see anything. (No change there!!!) Then, i had to wait a while before i was seen. My usual ophthalmologist didn’t see me today. It was a different one. She was called Doctor Datta. She checked my eyes using a slit lamp. This was to check the back of my eyes. She asked if my eyes were sore or anything. They weren’t.

I have to go back in two years. I am glad i didn’t have any problems. Here’s to hoping my next appointment will be as successful as today.

School On Monday….

It’s back to school on Monday. I will be going in to 6th year. Well technicly not, as i am still doing my GCSE’S. Our school takes 3 years to do them. Well at least it’s my last year!!!!

After this year, i will be doing A levels or going to teck. Not quite sure yet. I want to be a social worker.

Is everyone going back on Monday? Would love to know if anyone is still doing there GCSE’S.