Last Day:(!

It was my last day at the Cedar Foundation today, unfortunately!!!

Well, i was teaching a man how to use the internet. We explored some ways we each got around a web page, and he also told me some things i didn’t know about Internet Explorer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also showed me the
Kurzweil Scanning Systim
which i had never used. So today was a learning process for both of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The IT officer wanted me to proof read some braille. We were trying to see what would work. We scanned a document in to Kurzweil, and embossed it straight from there. This didn’t work very well. I think we would have to scan in the document, put it in to Microsoft Word, and then do it from there. We will try that idea out when i am doing my work experience.

I would just like to say a big big thank you, first of all, to the Cedar Foundation for having me, and to the two people i helped. You were both excellent. Good luck with your typing courses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a pleasure to help. Hopefully see you again!

As i’ve mentioned in all of these posts, i had a really wonderful time. Thanks again!


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