Happy 2008!

Wow, this year has flew in. It’s new year’s eve already. I can still remember new year’s last year.

So the big question is, what are all you guys doing to see in the new year? I will prob just see it in with my family.

My advice would be to enjoy yourself, but be sensible at the same time. Sorry if that sounds kinda cheesy, but don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Happy newyear celebrations, what ever you do.

Happy Christmas!

Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, but better late than never.

I would just like to wish everyone here a happy christmas. What all did you all get? Hope you all got what you wanted, and enjoy the rest of the day!!!

Interview About Reading….

Today, I had an interview with a journalist about reading. It was good.

The interview started at about half past 1. The journalist asked me questions about whether I read braille or audeo books, how I accessed them, where I got them, If I used computers and the internet to access books, how I got my school books and how I felt about the lack of books available in shops.

It was for an assignment. If it is selected, it could appear on a radio station!!!!!!!! How cool!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll let you know after christmas whether it has been selected. Hope it will be!!!!!

Womens’ Aid

Today I was at Womens Aid. I wasn’t at the refuge. I was at the resource centre.

I got there at about ten to 11. I didn’t start until eleven. Again, I got plently of information.

I found out that it isn’t actually social workers who work there, but they do get referrals from social workers. Well I found out that they provide a place for women and children to go if they have been suffering from domestic violence. They run courses for both mothers and children. They aim to provide support for women, but want them to live independently and be able to get out of the violent relationship. They attend courte with women, provide community support for women in their own home, provide courses on how children can manage their feelings and not be a bully, and run courses for women suffering from low self esteme.

It was good. Again, I don’t know if I would like to work for this organisation.

Well it’s back to school on Monday. Wish i was going on work experience for 2 weeks!!!!! Cause it went in far too quickly!!!

Two Days At The Cedar Foundation

Yesterday and today, I was at the Cedar Foundation. I got there at about 20 minutes past nine. I started at half nine both days.

Yesterday I talked with a woman called Virginia until the IT officer came. At about half ten, I did IT. We just discussed how good the training materials were for someone who was newly using JAWS, and who might be elderly. He asked me what the first thing I would do if I was just starting to use JAWS would be. This was basically all that I did.

After lunch, I observed a Memory Training class. This was basically to help addults with disabilities remember more, and concintrate more. It was made up of a series of activities and worksheets to improve their memory. I didn’t really understand it, but as long as it helped the people. I would probably understand it more if I was there longer.

Today was spent in IT. For the morning, I discussed how we could simplify the help files for JAWS. I also read some braille that the officer needed done.

In the afternoon, I wrote a simplified version of how to use JAWS with Windows and how to use Microsoft Word. It was hard, because I complicated it sometimes. The rest of the afternoon was spent going through it. The IT officer is going to put it in to braille and tape.

It was a good two days, as always. I may be needed at christmas again.

Once again, thanks again for having me!

The Braid Valley Hospital

Today I was at the Braid Valley hospital. This is a hospital for elderly people. I was in the social work department.

I got there at about 5 minutes to 10. I was meant to start at 10.

When I got to the office, I was greeted by three social workers. I already knew that i would be meeting one, but didn’t know there were three!! They all worked in the same office. I basically just found out why an elderly person might need a social worker, and what they did.

Well I found out that the social workers would arrange care packages for the patients, arrange for a patient to go in to full time nursing care if needed, arrange residential care, meet with doctors, ocupational theropists and such, to assess the patient, carrying out patient assessments to see if they can live at home, arrange Discharge planning meetings and arrange carers for people who want to live at home independently but still need some care.

I didn’t do anything today, as it was mainly for information purposes. As well as what I was told, I got stacks of leaflets about different areas of social work. I wasn’t expecting so much. All I need now is to get them brailled.

I don’t know if I would like this field yet. I think I would need some experience with elderly people to make up my mind.

Tomorrow I’m off to The Cedar Foundation.

Change Of Plan For Today

I was meant to be going to Holywell hospital today, but i am not going on that placement because i have no transport and public transport is complicated from where i’m at. This is not my fault. It’s a days worth of work experience wasted though.
Hopefully tomorrow (4 December) will go okay. It should do.

I’m Back!

I’m Just back from Ballyholme. Well i got back about an hour ago.

We collected everyone at about 11 o’clock. After about an hour, we dropped our stuff off at the place, before heading in to Pizza Hut for lunch. Well it was nice, but it could have been better. We’ll not go in to that though.

After lunch, we all got in to groups of four and headed off to Asda for the shopping. We each had to get different foods for the courses. My group had to get the stuff for the main course and desserts. We were 8 £ under budget!!!! Woohoo.

We finished in Asda at about a quarter to 4. We then arrived back at the place, and decided who was going to sleep in what room. The rooms were like dormatories. There were three others in my room.

So that was that. We just chilled for a while, watching the X Factor, and Strictly Come Dancing.

Me and a couple of other girls, (the ones I was sharing the room with) got up and started to prepare the starters. We made praun cocktail, stuffed peaches, mellon balls, pomigrannit seeds and oranges. We didn’t make the pomigrannit seeds lol. Well the mellon, oranges and pomigrannit seeds were all put in to presentation glasses. We stuffed the peaches with Philadelphia Cheese and herbs.

We then had some more chill time before eating.

For my starter, i had the mellon, oranges and pomigrannit. It was gorgious. Next, the main courses were braught out. We didn’t make them, cause a woman who is a cook went with us. The main courses were a choice of Lasagna or Sweet And Sour Chicken with rice. I had sweet and sour chicken with rice and a few chips that were also cooked. It was gorgious too. It sure stuffed me. I could hardly move!!!

We played Family Fortunes next. That was great crack. We didn’t win though. After that, we watched the results of The X Factor.

At about 11 o’clock, we had dessert. There was chocolate cake, cheese cake, Veonnetta and ice cream. I had chocolate cake, cheese cake, veonetta and ice cream. I had two helpings of that too.

We then played Shirades (don’t know how to spell that) and told each other our embarrassing stories.

We eventually headed to bed at about half past 1 in the morning. It was greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning was basically spent getting breakfast and then leaving.

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really enjoyed it. I would go back again. It was really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Here!

a Couple Of Weeks Ago
I posted about going to Ballyholme on the 1st December. The day has finally came!!!!!!!!! In 10 or so hours, We’ll be on our way!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be class.

I’ll tell you all about it on Sunday. Just thought i’d let you know.