Two Days At The Cedar Foundation

Yesterday and today, I was at the Cedar Foundation. I got there at about 20 minutes past nine. I started at half nine both days.

Yesterday I talked with a woman called Virginia until the IT officer came. At about half ten, I did IT. We just discussed how good the training materials were for someone who was newly using JAWS, and who might be elderly. He asked me what the first thing I would do if I was just starting to use JAWS would be. This was basically all that I did.

After lunch, I observed a Memory Training class. This was basically to help addults with disabilities remember more, and concintrate more. It was made up of a series of activities and worksheets to improve their memory. I didn’t really understand it, but as long as it helped the people. I would probably understand it more if I was there longer.

Today was spent in IT. For the morning, I discussed how we could simplify the help files for JAWS. I also read some braille that the officer needed done.

In the afternoon, I wrote a simplified version of how to use JAWS with Windows and how to use Microsoft Word. It was hard, because I complicated it sometimes. The rest of the afternoon was spent going through it. The IT officer is going to put it in to braille and tape.

It was a good two days, as always. I may be needed at christmas again.

Once again, thanks again for having me!

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