College Interview

I was at an interview at the local collige today. It was to talk about the Health and social care course i’m interested in doing in September. It was at half past 11.

When I got there, I met with the support officer, and was taken to Student Services, which is where the support officer was based. I talked to him for a while about my support needs, while we waited for the tutor of the health and social care course to come along. He is going to get me a laptop with JAWS on it for me to use. My notes will be provided in braille, and we are going to look at the possibility of having all my notes in audio forma.t Disability awareness is also going to be provided, and my tutors will be given training on how to work JAWS, should I have any problems.

When the tutor came along, she talked about why I wanted to do the course, some of the units, what they would involve, my disability, my GCSE’S, and work placements. Since I am doing entry level Maths, I would need to consider taking a night class once a week in GCSE Maths. I’m kind of dreading that, as it isn’t my strongest subject. Awww well, if it has to be done, I don’t have much choice. I will also have to do four placements throughout the two years. If I want, a learning support assistant would be provided to help me with the working environment. This would be my dicision, though. They have made me a conditional offer, which means that I am garranteed a place if I get four GCSE’S with grades C or above. Two have to be Maths and English.

Here’s to hoping I get those grades!!!!!!!!! If I don’t, we can discuss other options.

It’ll be a nervous wait until August.

RE Exam….

Today was my GCSE R E exam. Well paper 1 anyway. I was doing higher teer.

The exam started at 12 o’clock, until 2.30. (I got until 3 o’clock, because of the extra time). There were two sections. Section A was about a book which we had studied, called “The Challenge Of Jesus”. It was quite hard. Section B was easier. It was about different denominations of faith. I managed to finish it, but I didn’t get to write all that I wanted on each point. At least I got it finished though.

I’m so glad it’s over. It was the one i was most worried about.

My next exam is on Monday. It’s R E again. It should be easier, as it will just be oppinion based.

Before I know it, the GCSE’S will be over!!! Happy days!!!!!! Just gotta slog it out.

School Concert….

On Thursday night, I was performing at a school concert. I was performing in the school band. I played the keyboard and did harmonies with my friend.

It was a really good night. Everyone was fantastic. The place was packed.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who made it possible. You know who you are!!!!