RE Exam….

Today was my GCSE R E exam. Well paper 1 anyway. I was doing higher teer.

The exam started at 12 o’clock, until 2.30. (I got until 3 o’clock, because of the extra time). There were two sections. Section A was about a book which we had studied, called “The Challenge Of Jesus”. It was quite hard. Section B was easier. It was about different denominations of faith. I managed to finish it, but I didn’t get to write all that I wanted on each point. At least I got it finished though.

I’m so glad it’s over. It was the one i was most worried about.

My next exam is on Monday. It’s R E again. It should be easier, as it will just be oppinion based.

Before I know it, the GCSE’S will be over!!! Happy days!!!!!! Just gotta slog it out.

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