I was at the local college today, seeing if I would get into the health and socialcare course, after my GCSE results. Well i’m very disappointed to say, that I will not be doing the course this year, instead, I will be doing my Maths and English again. It’s a bit shit, considering, it’s my English GCSE waisted.

Oh well. The good thing is that I can boost my experience in care settings, while doing my Maths and English.

They are keeping the course open, and say that they would rather me do it now, than be kept back any more than I have to be. So at least that’s good.

At least they are willing to let me do the GCSE’S now, rather than wait.

It’s unfortunate, but better than nothing.

Better Than Expected!

The results weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I got a B in Science, C in Home Economics,, Art, and French, and D in Geography, English, and RE.

It’s just a case of waiting and seeing if I can still do the Health and Socialcare course. I have emailed the collige to check it out.

I’ll keep you posted on what the situation is.

GCSE Results!

Today’s the day i’ve been dreading. It’s of course the day my GCSE results come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope i get what i want. I will post later.

Good luck to everyone who recieves their results today.

Living Paintings On The Radio 4 Apeal

I don’t usually post charity things on here, but I think this is pritty important!!

Many of you will have heard of or listen to BBC radio 4, so will be aware of the
Radio 4 Appeal
Well on the 24th of August, a charity called
The Living Paintings Trust
Will be doing the appeal. The Living Paintings Trust is an organisation which produce books for blind and partially sighted people of any age. These books consist of raised pictures with tapes to describe where to touch. They range from story books, which have braille too, to pictures of art and history. There are also printed material for partially sighted people.

They are such a great charity!! I was once an edditor for them. I used to get books before they would be sent to other people, for me to evaluate.

They receive no government funding, so it’s vital that you donate!!!!!!

The radio 4 appeal is brodcast on Sundays at 07:55 & 21:26. it is Repeated on Thursdays at 15:27.

Please remember the 24th August though!