Night classes

You’ll remember that
I Was Extremely Disappointed
About not getting into the health and socialcare course I wanted to do at the local college. Well I went down to register for the night classes in GCSE English and Maths yesterday. Unfortunately, the English was full, but I’ve been put on to a waiting list, as they’re going to put on another class.

The Maths class will start next Wednesday at half past 6 until half past 9. Three hours of Maths, nooooooooooooooo.

I decided to check how my support needs were, as I was there. I will be getting my notes put into braille, and a computer with JAWS on it. They are going to provide a mentor for me, who is also blind. He will be able to help me with any issues i’m having, as well as teaching me sometimes. If I find that the Maths isn’t really working this way, I can get a specialised tutor who will teach me.

The college say that my support needs are totally flexible, which means that all I have to do is let them know, and changes will be made if needed.

I’ll let you know when I start the English.

By the way, I have a couple of questions with doing Maths on a computer. I’ve been used to doing it on a Perkins, but feel that it might disturb the other students. Plus, i’m quicker on a computer. Should I try it with the computer, or use the Perkins?

Any help would be great!!! Thanks.

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