Nokia E51!

Sorry this is so short, but just thought I’d let you know that I finally have a mobile phone!!!!

Today, I got the
Nokia E51
with Talks on it. I would have got it earlier, but it had to be sent away to get the Talks put on it.

It’s great though!!!!!!!!!!!! Well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

English Issues

I waited until today to post this, but actually it happened on Monday. I just was so mad, that I wasn’t sure how bad the entry would be.

On Monday, I was at one of my English classes. I decided to buy a dictaphone, as there is still no word of my equiptment. I asked the English teacher if I would be able to record the class, and he turned round and was like “This is a breech of the data protection act.” He asked the other students, and they were fine. I could understand if it was a debate or something, but a bog standard class? I felt like asking him if he had any other ideas of how I could take notes. There was no mention of it after that.

After class was finished, however, I decided to have a word with him about the coursework etc. Apparently, one of the pieces we will be doing is Mcbeth. He goes to me “You’ll need an audio tape of it.” I didn’t say anything, as I was already pissed. He also said that the spellchecker would have to be disabled if I was using my laptop for exams. Is this true? I wrote a piece about myself the other week, as he wanted it from everyone. I have to redo mine, because my grammar was too good, and he thinks that I was using the spellcheck. I’m not gonna deliberately spell something wrong just to please someone else!!!!

He seems to have misconceptions about blind people. I think he thinks that all we do is sit and listen to audio tapes. I’m perfectly capable of watching a DVD just like anyone else.

I was telling my mentor for Maths what happened, and he said that it would be worth considering getting a scribe for English to take notes. Do any of you use these? At the moment, other students have been taking notes for me, which isn’t that practical long term. Should I get a scribe? Will it not be a bit late to get one? Will it not be pointless getting one when the coursework starts in a couple weeks? Plus, is it not like they are doing the work if they’re taking notes while I sit on my bum?

What are your experiences of these?

Thanks for any help. Also, should the english teacher be like this? Or is it just me over reacting?

Accessible Mail….

Not sure how to explain this, but are there any accessible programmes out there for checking your mail? I was on Outlook Express, but it’s acting all weird. I also tried Thunderbird.

I can use internet explorer, but i’d rather check it from my desktop. It’s kinda annoying using your browser to check mail.

I’m on, if that makes any difference.


Guide Dog Assessment

You’ll remember back in March I wrote about how I had been asked if I
Would Like To Apply For A guide dog
Well things have been moving along quite nicely. I’ve had the assessment visit, plus the mobility assessment. All is fine.

Today, I had the guidedog assessment. It started at about 10.30 this morning. First of all, we went through any questions I had, and about grooming and feeding. I asked about how I would deal with when it needed to relieve itself, and I might be able to get a run built, so that it could relieve there. I think this would be easier to manage than my garden, because it’s mostly grass. We also talked about vetenary care, and how often the guidedog should go.

After this, we went for a walk with a short handle harness. This was to simulate the dog. It was for about 20 minutes. The instructor taught me some of the foot positions, and how to correct the dog if it was distracted.

Finally, we came back to the house, where the instructor filled in some facts about me. It has been decided that yes, I would be suitable for a dog, but I need further assessment with an actual dog, to get a bit more confident with the way a dog walks. I have to work on my voice commands too, and work on encouraging it more. I felt a bit embarrassed talking to an empty harness, to be honest.

This further assessment isn’t to say that I wouldn’t be suitable for a dog, but it’s to work out what dog I could be matched to. Something like that, anyway.

Sorry for not keeping you updated. I just can’t wait to get the further assessment over!! Then, hopefully, i’ll be put on the waiting list!!!! Fingers crossed.