I was going through some coursework corrections yesterday, and my english teacher has said that I should indent my paragraphs!! Wha?????????????????????????? Where the fuck did this come from? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

My school didn’t give me all the information about this That’s probably why I failed the second part of that
Word Processing Exam
Why had I not been told about this? The fucking bastards!!!!!!!!

I wonder how much more information I didn’t get because of my blindness. It just pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking stupid school anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha!!! That helped. On a slightly different note, when i’m in forms mode with JAWS, I can’t go back to the previous link, or edit box when i press shift and tab. Nothing happens. This used to work. If i leave my laptop for like a couple of minutes, and am not doing anything, JAWS either shuts itself down, or becomes non responsive. I uninstalled it again, and it’s still doing it. Also, it doesn’t seem to be as responsive when i’m posting in here, right now, it’s taking a milly seconds lag on the typing. Maybe i’ve gotten slower or something.

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