RNIB Computer Course, Day 1

As I’ve said earlier, I should have posted this on the 12th and 19th March, rather than the 23rd!!!! I’ll just post for the 12th, then i’ll do another entry for the 19th. This course is run by the

Well On the 11th of March, I was contacted by a woman
The Cedar Foundation
I didn’t really want to go, because i didn’t know if it would benifit me, and because i’m not that keen on the organisation. I just thought that i’d give it a shot, at least for the experience. I’m so glad I did!!!!!!!

On the Thursday, the course started at about half 10. While I was waiting for the other tutor to get there, I was introduced to the only other person on the course. He was also from the
Cedar Foundation
Only he was a trainee.

Once the other tutor arrived, we had a chat about general issues, then we got some work done on the computers!!!

We were going to start off with learning how to use
Windows Live Messenger
But we knew how to use that. So we used

We went through how to create an account, and how to add people, call them, and answer calls. The tutors wanted me to basically teach everything, cause they didn’t know as much as me apparently.
I told them that there were
Scripts Available
That would make JAWS work better with Skype. I took them through where to get them, from
And told them to type in “JAWS Scripts For Skype”, and look for the first result after the “Search Results” heading.

There was a bit of a problem installing them though, as we needed adminastrative rights. It’s a good job that we didn’t download them, because when I tried them at home, they weren’t as good as the previous versions. I thought I had installed them in the wrong location, but I hadn’t.

Anyway, since we couldn’t get the scripts installed, we looked at how to download audio described movies, all legally of course.
We went to a website called
Blind Mice

To download
The Movies
They are MP3s, so you just have to click on them and save them just like a normal file. Or you can open them directly. I downloaded
Walk The Line
Just to see what it was like. It was cool!!!

After lunch, we just did stuff on

As well as doing that stuff on the computers, we got to look at a few bits of technology too!!!! First we looked at
The Olympus digital voice recorder DS40
Which has voice navigation. Then it was the
Mile Stone
MP3 player which is also a voice recorder.

It was really good. It feels as if there was more i didn’t mention, but I think cause of this weeks’ activities i’m getting the two confused.

I wish this week wasn’t the last of it!!!! I’ll post the info on the 19th, hopefully before Thursday!!!

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