Talks Upgrade

I want to upgrade my version of Talks to 4, but i’m not too sure if it’ll work.

I have been told that if i download a trial version of 4, which is all there is, then since i have a licenced version already on here that 4 will be a full version. Is this true?


I Got A Mention!!

You have probably seen
This Blog
In my
Links List
*which i haven’t worked out how to create on blogger*
Well if you haven’t, The woman who writes this blog is a wonderful person!!! I love her!!!! Her blog is so fantastic!!!!!!!!! It’s also good to get a local prospective from a local guidedog owner. There is so much to say about her!!!!!!

While reading
Her Latest Post,
I got a nice little mention!!!! My
Got a mention too!!!!!!!! In case you’re curious to see my mention, Here It is!

rop-heart *was old blog user name*
Often comments here. I met her about 18 months ago for a project I was doing in Belfast. A few months ago she found my blog, contacted me to say hi and
now she visits this blog regularly. She recently wrote a nice article about “the not so accessible public transport network”, and you can read it and check
out her blog over at:

*now moved
Over here

Thanks again
Keep blogging!!!!

A Not So Accessible Public Transport Network?

Here’s the article that i talked about needing to write in
This Post
last week. Well it’s a draft anyway. I thought i’d put it up here anyway. Let me know what you think. I can’t be bothered putting it behind a cut. Enjoy!!!! Please give me any feedback you have.


The next time you go to get on a bus or train, think about how lucky you are. You have readily available time tables, and you can tell just by looking at the front of a bus exactly where it is going.

Now, imagine what it would be like if you are blind or visually impaired…..

Everyone dreams of independence, don’t they? Well part of becoming independent is travel. So how exactly does one travel independently when they want to use public transport? Well it can be done, but it is a bit of a challenge sometimes.

Picture this: you are waiting for a bus at a local bus stop, and there are a lot of busses that have just pulled in. What do you do? This is the dilemma faced by thousands of visually impaired people every day. If you have some vision, you might be able to see where the busses are going to, but what if you’re totally blind? Do you risk embarrassing yourself and getting on every bus to ask “Where does this bus go to?” or “Could I go to such and such”?

I don’t think many of us would like to do this to be honest. I know I wouldn’t. So what’s the answer?

Well you just have to hope that someone will be willing to help you get on the right bus. Often people will be happy to help you, if you need it. Some bus stations tell you what platform or “Stand” to go to. This is great, but there are that many busses that arrive, it makes it hard to locate what bus is what, because they all have their engines running, which makes them all sort of meld together. Plus, you have the added trouble of actually getting to that “Stand” that is for your particular bus. You could always ask a member of staff to wait with you, but this will not always happen, so you just have to hope that someone will be kind enough to get you on the right one.

Once you are on the required bus, it probably doesn’t get any easier. You have absolutely no verbal announcements at all. You just have to hope that the driver won’t change half way through your journey. If they do change, you have to hope that the other driver has bothered to say that there is someone with a visual impairment on the bus.

You could always memorise your stops along the way, but if it is a long journey, this could get tiring. Plus, the bus could go a different route, or there could be road works.

The best option seems to be on a train. The trains don’t seem to come as often as busses do. Plus there is only one train at a time that can come to a platform. It will be much easier to find the right train this way.

Trains usually don’t change drivers half way through the journey which is good. Plus there are far less stops on a train than a bus. Also, before you get to a station, there is an announcement telling you what station it is coming up to, then what stops are after that.

The only thing you have to worry about is if you have to change trains, or when getting on and off, is the gap between the platform and the train. However this isn’t as bad as it was before the new trains were introduced. Plus, there will always be someone who will be available to help!!!!!

It’s not all doom and gloom however. Many visually impaired people use busses far more than trains. But remember, just consider how others will have to plan their journeys, and the amount of effort that is involved for a visually impaired persons’ quest for independent travel.

Thank God!!

How Annoying
Windows Live messenger was being? Well i think i’ve got it sorted.

There is an anti virus program that was preinstalled on this computer called

Eye Matter Magazine Article -Help

In my journal, i have written about
This Group
Well on the 24th of June, which is next Wednesday, they are having a meeting type thing. They have asked everyone to write a 500 word article about anything we like, as long as it is related to visual impairment. It is for a magazine article they are producing.

Can anyone please suggest anything i could write? I was thinking about the lack of accessible books, but i’m not sure if that would be 500 words, and i’m not sure how to start it either.

Get any suggestions right along this way!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

ECDL Level 1

Remember when I started
The GCSE English
The GCSE Maths
I said that i was doing them because i was going to do the national Deploma In Health and Social Care? Well i’ve decided not to do this this year.

Since I have done
That Computer Course
Back in March, I’m thinking of doing a computer related qualification.

I have decided to do
Level one qualification instead. I’m still trying to work out if this change is a good one though.

I will start on the 15th of September. It will be on a Tuesday night.

Now, what to do during the day time….

Eye Matter Activity Day!

A couple of weeks ago
I was telling you about an activity day that was planned as part of
The Eye Matter Group?
Well on Thursday we went to the
Belfast Activity centre
For our day out.

We met there at about 10 o’clock, where we met our instructors, and got prepared for the first activity, which was Caving. This involved going through an artificial cave, which was based on a real cave. This was really enjoyable, and great fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In there, i also got to feel a
Stalac Tite!!
Although it was fake. A real one had started to form where there was a waterfall, which unfortunately, I couldn’t touch, since it was just forming. They felt awsum!!!!!!!

After the caving, we had lunch.

Next, we were climbing.

We started with a course called the “Vertical Challenge”, which consists of a structure that swings continuesly back and forth. We were strapped into harnesses though!!!!!! There was a log that you had to get on to first, by swinging both legs up, so you were practically sitting on it, then there was a pole with pegs on it, which were for your feet.

After climbing up this, you had to climb up a Cargo net made of ropes.

Next, was another log, two tyres which spun, and another log at the top.

I only managed to get to the top of the Cargo net, as it seemed way too complicated to climb that log where the tyres were. It was still good though!!!!!

Finally it was a thing called the “Leap Of Faith”, which involved first of all climbing a ladder, then climbing a pole with blocks on it, rotating yourself round each way, and the getting on to this board and jumping off, and catching a trepese. I was just about to get on to the board, so i sat down in the harness, and wrapped my legs around the pole, to get on, when i randomly started swinging down!!!! It was a bit disappointing though. Maybe next time i can get to the top.

It was a great day!!!!!!!!! The best part had to be the Caving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!