More For The Record….

I’m more posting this for my records, but you can comment if you want.

You’ll remember
Back In November
I had the
Guide dog further assessment?
Well I was told then that i had a “rolling gait”. By the way, here’s the part in that entry where i mention about it.

I got it into my head that the dog was moving from side to side a lot, so I thought that i’d better follow the dogs commands. Well it turned out it was actually me who was moving from side to side. It’s apparently called a rolling gait.

I was fine for most of the following month, but as time went on, I got really irritated. It really started to effect me. I’m not ashamed to admit that it really got me into a deep hole, where all i thought about was the rolling gait.

I would sit and imagine that the gait went all the way down a corridor for instance. I would think that nobody could go down the corridor, cause i would be taking up half the corridor with the roll. Some of the thoughts were really crazy.

Well i spent months worrying about how it rolled, i finally plucked up the courage to talk to my mobility instructor about it. He says that my gait isn’t that much of a problem. He says that if it was, i wouldn’t be put on the waiting list. It only rolled because i was nervous, i think, and it’s not a major roll.

This really got me buzzing!!!!!

So ever since that day, i’m buzzing. I try to be anyway. Sometimes it just gets me down, and i’m nearly back to the start.

I just thought i’d put this down for the record, just so that if i feel down in the future, i can look at this entry and tell myself that the gait doesn’t roll. I really hope this helps.

I gotta start believing that it doesn’t roll, and that i’m fine. I want that level of confidence back that i had before this. I am attending a confidence course at the mo, so hopefully it’ll help.

Feel free to comment on this though, if you want.

So here’s to hoping that this’ll work, and i’ll start believing that the gait doesn’t roll!!! Thanks to my friends and mobility instructor who have said that it doesn’t roll.

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