I Know What I was So Worried About!

I had to do the
For the
Eye Matter
Magazine. I honestly don’t know what i was worried about!!!!

We got there at about 10 o’clock, and then once everyone had arrived we went over to the recording studio.

I was second last to go. I was quite shocked at how short the article was in braille!!!! It was only about 4 pages long!!! I volunteered to read another persons’ article, as they couldn’t make it today.

I just acted as if i was just reading. I made a few mistakes, but i hope they can be eddited out.

We finished at about half past 11, where we just chatted and then went for lunch.

After lunch we just kicked about on the internet for a while in the internet caffe.

It was during today that i got the sad news that
Eye Matter
will run out of funding in June 20010. It was only designed for a 3 year project, but it was still quite a shock. They are talking about how we would form our own counscil though afterwords. I will still miss the craic of Laura and all the gang though!!!! I’m just gonna enjoy all the events that are coming up with the Eye matter.

By the way, i also got to see The Pen Friend today. I can’t really be bothered looking for the link though lol.

Also, i might see if i can get the CD too, of the magazine, just cause i wanna hear myself, and plus it’ll mean i can put it up here maybe.

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