My Phone’s A Year Old!

this time
Last Year
i finally got a mobile phone!!!!! I know in that entry the date was the 31st October, but i changed it cause it was actually on the 30th i got it.

The independence i’ve gained from it has been awsum!!!!! When i was
It, i was totally lost, and it felt really weird!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure if i’ll upgrade it when i get the word that my contract is going to run out. Who knows.

Let’s hope i’ve got no more problems with it!!!!

Pure Awesome!

I told you about going to Pink? Well it was pure awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At about 1 o’clock, me, my sister and dad arrived up at my uncles house to spend a bit of time with him before we would be going to the concert. We also had to drop off our bags, because we decided to stay the night since we wouldn’t be home until late.

At about 6 o’clock, we got a taxi up to the concert. Doors didn’t open until 6:30, but i’m glad we left early!!!!! When we got there, the queue was half way down the street!!!!!!!!!!! It took us about half an hour before we got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wasn’t expecting as many people to be there. We eventually got to the fron, and got checked in by security. We were then taken up to our row. We were in Row T 80 to 83. I’m glad we got seats, as i didn’t fancy standing for a long time.

We sat for about half an hour, until the support act came on. They were a band from New Zealand. They were called Ever more. They were alright, but you couldn’t really hear them cause the drums were so loud.

Half an hour after that, Pink came on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The concert started with like a little cartoon thing with clowns and stuff, and then she went into “Highway to hell” by A C D C. This was pure awsum!!!!!!!!!! It showed vidios of her riding in on her harley too during that song.

The whole concert lasted about 2 and a half hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She really puts alot of energy into it!!!! Plus, you have the added benifit of knowing that it’s live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was doing alot of acrobatics and stuff throughout the concert. She had got jymnasts there too!!!!

She did a cover of the song “I touch myself”, and apparently, there were hands coming up and touching her in intimate places. There was a kid there, so i can just imagine the questions the parents got about that song afterwords!!!!!!!!!!

The whole concert was awsum!!!!!! I liked it so much, that i am going to book tickets for when she comes back in June 2010.

By the way, after a bit of googling, I discovered a site which has the
Set List
for the concert last night. For those who can’t really be bothered using the link, here ya go!

Highway to Hell (Intro – AC/DC Cover)
Bad Influence
Just Like A Pill
Who Knew
Don’t Let Me Get Me
I Touch Myself (Divinyls cover)
Please Don’t Leave Me
U + Ur Hand
Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
So What
Family Portrait
I Don’t Believe You
Dear Mr. President
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin cover)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover)
Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
Get The Party Started


Glitter In The Air.

Can’t wait until she is back again!!!!!!!!!!!

P. I. N. K.

Today i’ll be off to see
In concert. I’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this before. In case i haven’t, here’s the story. Appologies for anyone who has already heard this on MSN.

Well i was going to go and see Pink in April, but the tickets were sold out. So a couple of weeks later, I was just listening to the radio when i heard that Pink was coming again in October. I had to get tickets this time. I made sure that on the day that they were released that we got practically the first tickets. It was a good job we did, since half an hour after they went on sale, they were sold out. She must have been popular.

I can’t believe that i’m going already!!!!! It doesn’t take long for time to fly. I can’t wait!!!!!!!! in something like 19 and a half hours, which seems like ages away, i’ll be in the concert thinking about Pink, and hopefully enjoying the support act. I’ve got no idea yet who that is.

I’ll let you know how it was on Monday hopefully, since that’s when i’m back home. I’ll probably text updates on Facebook though.

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! It should be awsum!!!!!

More Short Handle Work

This is backdated, because i didn’t really want to post it on the day of the actual work. It took place on the 5th October, but i wrote this on the 9th. Just in case this doesn’t backdate correctly. I will write it as if it’s the 5th. You’ll see why i didn’t really want to post this when i get into it.

Today i had some more
Short Handle
Work. It was just me and my rehab worker. There was another rehab worker observing my main rehab worker. We started at about 4 o’clock.

We started at the college again. My rehab worker said that he wasn’t going to tell me the foot positions, because i said that i thought i knew them. Because of this, i thought that i was under pressure to remember them. It turned out that i didn’t know them as well as i thought.

After that, i started to improve a bit, until at a particular road crossing. We had just crossed a road, and i said that we had to go left. It turned out that we had to go right. The reason why i thought it was left was because i would kind of use the traffic as an indicator. I think that if the traffic is to the right of you then you are going left. By this i mean, if the road is to your right, then you are going left. This is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe i made such a stupid mistake. I had been doing the route for nearly a year!!!! I still haven’t forgiven myself. I will have to make sure i know where i’m going before i give the direction!!!!!!!

The rest of the way went without a hitch, but i was more tense because of the earlier mistake. We didn’t do the whole route, just down to where the Co-opp is.

After that, we discussed exactly what would be happening at the hotel i mentioned in
My Last Entry
Apparently, my rehab worker is going to create a taylor made program for each of us. For me, i think he wants me to be able to get around the hotel independently, and do a bit more short handle work, as well as teaching me the route around the hotel with the cane. He is going to finalise all the details with me within the next couple of weeks. He wants me to give him any feedback from the hotel experience. He was the one who suggested it, so he wants us to tell him even if it is negative.
My next lesson is going to be going through the route with the cane again. Just to make sure i know every individual turn etc.

I also think today i found it hard to focus on what i was doing. I can’t be doing that, otherwise there is no point in doing anything. I must focus from now on.

I’m not sure whether to bring the laptop for November to post at the end of each day. I’ll have to see what my Rehab worker says. I’ll keep you posted though.

The main reason why i didn’t want to post this was cause of the earlier mistake with the direction. I must learn not to be so hard on myself. I want to make sure that after the hotel, that i am totally confident with foot positions, and also, i want to talk to a GDMI who is also going to be there about that horrible gait. I want to believe that it’s not that bad.

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, i had my
Guidedog Assessment
Well alot has happened since then, from
My Guide dog Further Assessment,
The Recent Short Handle Work
I’ve been doing.
Sometimes i would still get down about the rolling Gait i’ve mentioned occasionally, but i want to stop thinking about it. I’m thinking of asking my GDMI the next time i see her to see first of all if the gait is a massive roll, which i believe it is, but that’s just me over complicating things, and secondly, to see if it can be corrected.

On the 11th, 12th, and possibly 13th of November, my rehab worker wants me and a couple of others to go up to the hotel where we would train with the guidedogs, to learn the layout of the hotel, so that when it comes to training we will have one less thing to worry about. There might be some short handle work too. *this class is only a new thing that our team wants to try out.*

I hope this goes okay. I also hope that that nasty gait doesn’t make an appearance. Even when i am working with a dog i don’t want that gait to roll. The way i act, i’m acting as if it’s just happened. Any tips on how i could stop worrying? I really don’t want the other guidedog mobility instructors to say about the gait. I will have to work hard on making sure it doesn’t rear its ugly head.

I just thought i’d post this on the aniversary (SP?) of the guidedog assessment.

Thanks for any suggestions on the gait. I need to stop worrying!!!