Some Really Good Audio Description

Here is a review of
An Audio Described Trailor
For New Moon, which I promised to do for
Robberts’ blog
Ages ago. I will post it here first, then post it to your blog, Robbert. Right now though, i can’t find the link to where i would post so sorry about that.

Anyway, i won’t actually comment on any of the characters, as i have never saw this film, and will concentrate on the audio description, and any accessibility issues i find. I hope this is okay. Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, i’d better get on with it.

Teaser: New Moon with Descriptive Audio Service

this audio described trailor of “New moon” lasts for about 13 minutes. I will only give you a brief sample of it though, cause i wouldn’t really want to spoil it.

It starts by telling us about how the movie opens. There is a description of “A full, blood red moon”. This is quite a vivid image, and you know instantly how strong the moon must be.

The trailor goes on like that, and tells you exactly what is happening, and there is no over explanation, which i find is often done. The person describing this gives just the right amount of information, and no more.

I find that sometimes you get told that someone is wearing a blue top, and is standing at a 45 degree angle. Well maybe not that amount of detail, but you get the picture.

I also like the way she doesn’t talk over the dialog, or it doesn’t go really quiet, or that it doesn’t say what is going to happen before it happens.

It was a really good trailor, even though i wasn’t really that interested in the film itself. It would be interesting to get a full film described like this trailor. I think too that it was recorded live, so you got the action as it happened, rather than maybe having to read it. I’m not sure though if it was done live. I’ll check that one out.

Unfortunately, there are a few accessibility issues with this service though. If you want to play the trailor from the site, it is a flash movie. There is one button you have to click on to start it. This button isn’t labeled though, so you just have to click on it, for it to start. There doesn’t seem to be a button to restart it, it only has two buttons, which both aren’t labeled. The first one seems to pause it, but don’t have a clue what the second one does. The buttons just say “Unlabeled” button. For this being a site that has audio described movies, this is seriously bad. I think a radical re think needs to be done so that the buttons are at least labeled.

Another thing is, when you go to leave a comment, and you select your identity, you have to solve a capcha. There isn’t even a hint of an audio capcha. Even though this is bad too, it’s better than having none at all. I reckon that there should be at least an audio capcha, or not to have a capcha at all.

Apart from those issues though, it was a brilliant example of audio description!

Again, thanks to
For telling me about this. *I think Robbert has a new blog now, but haven’t got around to finding it yet-sorry Robbert!*

Found It

Remember how
I had a song
In my head that i didn’t know what it was? Well i found it!!!!! It’s called
Good tradition
I’m so glad i found it!!


I have this one part of a song stuck in my head, and i want to look it up on
Youtube. Thing is, I don’t know what it’s called!!!!!!!!! I think it goes something like this: “It’s a good position for love and hate” then can’t remember the words. It sounds like a man doing it, and has violins at the start.

Please help me find it!!!!! Sorry the lyrics are so vague, but i really really wanna listen to it!!!!!!!!

New Year Resolutions

Well i thought i’d post my newyears resolutions for this year. I’m rather bored, so thought this would cure it for about 5 minutes lol.

Anyway, i want to remember my routes better, and get stronger on corrections. Also i want to not take things to heart too much, and also focus and concentrate more. I’m also not gonna let things get to me, and smile. Everyone needs to smile!!!!!!!!!

Finally, i wanna try something new this year. Don’t know what, but i would like to have a go at the tandum cycling. Hopefully that’ll be able to happen sometime.

I’m off to try and cure the bordom. What are everyone elses resolutions?

Accessible Email?

You know the way i am volunteering at
The Cedar Foundation?
Well the client that i am teaching at the moment is going to be moving on to email soon. I was just wondering if there are any accessible email providers, where even the sign up will be easy?

I currently use
Which is good, but is slightly cluttered. I can navigate around it on the website, but this person might feel it’s too cluttered.

I know that
G Mail
Has a capcha, as well as
Are there any ones that don’t have a capcha? What one would you recommend for a beginner?

Thanks guys.