Bad Bad Day

Today was a really bad day. Well just on the mobility front anyway.

Me and my rehab worker have been doing the route down to the college for this week, and we’ll continue until Friday. Well yesterday was great. I hardly had no problems. Today however was a different story.

Everything was going fine until i got to where our local Co-opp is. I first of all went left instead of right, cause i thought that i was farther than i was. I was able to correct it, but then i said we were going left when it was right. We were just standing at a kerb when i just cracked and burst intotears. I was so embarrassed. I wasn’t expecting me to get so worked up cause i said the wrong direction. My rehab worker was great. He explained that it was fine, and not to get so worried. I went on for a bit, and still was pritty shakey. My rehab worker asked me if it was a bad day and if i wanted to stop and that. I wanted to keep going. It went better after that, but still it shocked me.

I don’t know why i got so upset, when i make mistakes sometimes. I think it was probably tiredness, and cause i had put so much pressure on myself to remember all the route.

My rehab worker says that if i get so worked up about mistakes, then i won’t enjoy myself, and i won’t enjoy the guidedog training and that. I want to enjoy the training though. He says that it’s normal to make mistakes but if i can work them out then i’ll be grand.

I’m really hoping that tomorrow when i do it, i won’t get upset. I still feel kind of on edge now. Like you know the way you feel after you have got upset, and you feel all empty and that and it’s hard to smile?

I really hope tomorrow is better.

A Year On….

This time last year, I posted about
Getting More motivated To use the cane.
Well tonight me and my friend were just talking about different things, and i was saying about how i didn’t really use the cane that much. I explained that i didn’t really like using it and that, and she said that people wouldn’t always be around, and this is so true. She said that my confidence using the cane on my own will come in time. But it got me thinking. What kind of a guidedog owner will i be? Yes i go out every day with my dad, but when I qualify, I really should be going out on my own. I keep thinking that i will go out on my own, as well as going out every day with dad, but what if i don’t? Yeah the dog will still be getting worked every day when me and my dad and sister go out, but will i have the confidence to go out on my own without company, and just have me and the dog? Is it normal to think like this? Should i really start taking my cane out more? I am learning more routes since last year, but still? Is it normal for me to suddenly think like this?

I’m thinking i might just take out the cane anyway, even if i don’t know the route and just walk around instead of my dad guiding me. I’m hoping it works. I just have to get motivated to do it lol. Many a time i say “I will use my cane tomorrow” but never do. I think i am just too lucky really. I have taken my dad really for granted. He is always happy to guide me so i have just taken the “Easy” option. But maybe it’s time i just take out the cane? I would still be beside Dad, but maybe it would get me used to actually going out on my own? Even if i don’t actually go out totally on my own, at least it’s a start. My dad could always tell me when to cross and such.

Do you all think this is a good idea?

This is mostly me rambling, so you can ignore it if you want.

Glad to get that off my chest. I would like to thank my friend though for sort of kicking me up the arse. I don’t have much faith in myself though that i will actually follow through and use the cane more. Watch this space.

Thought You’d Like These

I came across two blogs recently that i thought you all would like to have a look at. They are both american blogs, and one is on my links List.

Has recently qualified with her first guidedog Jayden, and i think she has been home for about a month now. I find this interesting, as it is so different from our District team, and when we qualify and that. I just find that the way all the schools are so different fascinating.

Ro’s blog is great, and she has accomplished so many things, and only been blind for 2 years! Well done Ro, and keep up the good work with Jayden!!!! Also before i forget, she pulled a prank on us all on Thursday, because it was “April Fools day”, by saying that she wouldn’t keep the blog any more. That would be seriously bad!!!!!! Cheers again Ro, for giving me permission to use your blog!!!

Has recently had to retire her first guidedog Willow, who she has worked with for about 7 years. Again, this is a very interesting blog. I am currently wading through the archives of it though lol.

Also, L^2 is a photographer! Because she has a little bit of vision, she is able to describe the pictures she takes.

A great read! I came across her from a post on Ro’s blog about her cane lol.

It’s thanks to
Who i have mentioned before, for having a really good list of blogs that she follows. This was where i found Ro, and in turn, found L^2.

I hope you enjoy them!
I only started following them as there aren’t very many UK guidedog owners with a blog. That may change though sometime.

Thanks again Jenifer.