Thought You’d Like These

I came across two blogs recently that i thought you all would like to have a look at. They are both american blogs, and one is on my links List.

Has recently qualified with her first guidedog Jayden, and i think she has been home for about a month now. I find this interesting, as it is so different from our District team, and when we qualify and that. I just find that the way all the schools are so different fascinating.

Ro’s blog is great, and she has accomplished so many things, and only been blind for 2 years! Well done Ro, and keep up the good work with Jayden!!!! Also before i forget, she pulled a prank on us all on Thursday, because it was “April Fools day”, by saying that she wouldn’t keep the blog any more. That would be seriously bad!!!!!! Cheers again Ro, for giving me permission to use your blog!!!

Has recently had to retire her first guidedog Willow, who she has worked with for about 7 years. Again, this is a very interesting blog. I am currently wading through the archives of it though lol.

Also, L^2 is a photographer! Because she has a little bit of vision, she is able to describe the pictures she takes.

A great read! I came across her from a post on Ro’s blog about her cane lol.

It’s thanks to
Who i have mentioned before, for having a really good list of blogs that she follows. This was where i found Ro, and in turn, found L^2.

I hope you enjoy them!
I only started following them as there aren’t very many UK guidedog owners with a blog. That may change though sometime.

Thanks again Jenifer.


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