Just Gonna Do It Manually

I’ve decided since i haven’t found a way as of yet to import my
Live journal
Over to here yet-any suggestions welcome! That i will post the entries manually from my other journal. Is there any way of changing the date though to a previous day?

Sorry for such a stupid question lol. I will only post the recent ones, at first, and will start from newest first. Sorry if you guys get alot of posts. I just don’t want to lose my entries.

A Little About My Blog

Hey. it’s me again. I just thought i’d give you a little info on what my blog will be about and maybe ask some questions. I will hopefully be bringing my old posts from my old journal over here, or else i will just type them out, starting from the most recent ones. Sorry guys, it’ll probably mean three and a half years of posts in one page, and all at the top of the page!!!


My blog will consist of what ever i feel like writing about. Usually, it is about my life, including my journey of applying for my first guidedog (which i am currently on the waiting list for), and just general life. Each Sunday, i will post the weeks spoilers for
The Archers
Which is a soap. I always will post telling people that i will be posting the spoilers, and i will let you know where i get them from. If you don’t want to read these, don’t worry, you can skip them. If you don’t want me to post them, i won’t. From the word “Tasters” will be where i have taken the post from the website. I get the spoilers from

The Catch up section
Of the website. This website is not related to the BBC though.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the entries, even if you don’t like the archers ones!!!

Now, how do i write labels in here, as i’m still using emails, and how do i import my entries from my other blog?

See you all around!!!

Just A Test-For The Umpteenth Time

Hello. This is just a test post. I can post by email, but can’t seem to post yet by using the actual site. I have spent the last while just trying to set up the email posts lol.

I look forward to posting this, and hope that it works this time!!!!

Archers Spoilers-30-4 June*imported*

Here’s my post for this week for The Archers. It’s for Sunday, but i am posting it now. Remember from the “Tasters” part of this post is copied off a website.

So Helin’s pregnant. It’s a bit weird. She seems to go on about it loads. She’ll not be saying that in a couple months!!! Remember don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

While Jazzer presses his nose against the window, Harry settles in at The Bull getting pretty cosy with Fallon. Could Harry be about to make Ambridge his home? The vicar would welcome him with open arms, as would half the ladies on his milkround! Meanwhile, a housebound Matt wastes no time in tracking down a des res or two with a view to making a quick bob. The question remains, can Matt and Lilian do business together and enjoy domestic bliss, or will Matt have a permanent place in the doghouse? Joe and Eddie plan a nice surprise for the Grundy Field campers – as if a compost loo and no facilities aren’t surprise enough – while Ruth and David have empty nest syndrome as the children have deserted their dwelling. We suggest they sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. It’s The Archers!
Catch up with the cricket on Monday

Sunday: Going it alone
Monday: On the ball
Tuesday: A lucky find
Wednesday: New beginnings
Thursday: All work and no play.
Friday: The future unfolds

Enjoy!!! More next week!!!

Guest Posting And Some Other Blogs

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if i would like to write an article for
blog. I jumped at the chance. Maybe a little too enthusiastically though lol. I thought it would be a great idea to promote my blog, as well as sharing how things were done in our team compared to other parts of the UK and around the world.

I decided to write about the journey so far, from applying, and what it was like to what would probably happen at the matching visit and such. I didn’t include
The Hotel training
That i did, as this was only a new thing, so maybe wouldn’t happen for every person. It was just a summary really. So that’s why i didn’t post it here.

I would really like to thank Jennifer for this opportunity. It is such a great idea.

Anyway Got a little side tracked there. Jennifer posted my post this week, along with some other entries. I hope it’s okay for me to post the other blogs. Anyone who was guest posting and doesn’t want to be mentioned, write a comment and i’ll delete.

So it was me starting off the week with the application process of the guidedog and other such things like what each stage entailed. Tuesdays turn was
Who blogged about training with her first guidedog. I’ve mentioned her before, and how awesome she is. Well she still is awesome.

Wednesday was
Journey. He wrote about how sometimes a guidedog isn’t all roses. It is something that nobody wants to think about, but it’s good to know that everything sometimes doesn’t work out. It’s not designed to deliberately scare you, but it’s to make you aware of what could happen, I think.

On Thursday,
Stepped up to the helm. She was talking about how much she is settled now with her guidedog Cricket. She is another great blogger, and i love reading all her adventures.

Finally, it was an author of
A Wonderful book
About guidedogs for children, called “Hanny and Beth:Safe And Sound”. I wanna get a copy!!!! It sounds really interesting!!! Her blog is
Right Over here
She wrote a post about retiring her guidedog and what it was like.

This was a great idea to do. It was great to discover some new blogs along the way, and I think
Got some new readers. I hope you enjoy reading these other entries, and sorry i didn’t link directly to each person’s guest post. You will find them all on Jennifers’ blog, but if you really want to read my summary of what it’s like in the application process,
Read it here
I have written much more detailed entries on the stages throughout this journal though.

Thanks again Jennifer.