A Little About My Blog

Hey. it’s me again. I just thought i’d give you a little info on what my blog will be about and maybe ask some questions. I will hopefully be bringing my old posts from my old journal over here, or else i will just type them out, starting from the most recent ones. Sorry guys, it’ll probably mean three and a half years of posts in one page, and all at the top of the page!!!


My blog will consist of what ever i feel like writing about. Usually, it is about my life, including my journey of applying for my first guidedog (which i am currently on the waiting list for), and just general life. Each Sunday, i will post the weeks spoilers for
The Archers
Which is a soap. I always will post telling people that i will be posting the spoilers, and i will let you know where i get them from. If you don’t want to read these, don’t worry, you can skip them. If you don’t want me to post them, i won’t. From the word “Tasters” will be where i have taken the post from the website. I get the spoilers from

The Catch up section
Of the website. This website is not related to the BBC though.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the entries, even if you don’t like the archers ones!!!

Now, how do i write labels in here, as i’m still using emails, and how do i import my entries from my other blog?

See you all around!!!


I'd love to hear from you, so comment away! (I won't tollerate spammers though)

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