Archers Spoilers-30-4 June*imported*

Here’s my post for this week for The Archers. It’s for Sunday, but i am posting it now. Remember from the “Tasters” part of this post is copied off a website.

So Helin’s pregnant. It’s a bit weird. She seems to go on about it loads. She’ll not be saying that in a couple months!!! Remember don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

While Jazzer presses his nose against the window, Harry settles in at The Bull getting pretty cosy with Fallon. Could Harry be about to make Ambridge his home? The vicar would welcome him with open arms, as would half the ladies on his milkround! Meanwhile, a housebound Matt wastes no time in tracking down a des res or two with a view to making a quick bob. The question remains, can Matt and Lilian do business together and enjoy domestic bliss, or will Matt have a permanent place in the doghouse? Joe and Eddie plan a nice surprise for the Grundy Field campers – as if a compost loo and no facilities aren’t surprise enough – while Ruth and David have empty nest syndrome as the children have deserted their dwelling. We suggest they sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. It’s The Archers!
Catch up with the cricket on Monday

Sunday: Going it alone
Monday: On the ball
Tuesday: A lucky find
Wednesday: New beginnings
Thursday: All work and no play.
Friday: The future unfolds

Enjoy!!! More next week!!!


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