Just Gonna Do It Manually

I’ve decided since i haven’t found a way as of yet to import my
Live journal
Over to here yet-any suggestions welcome! That i will post the entries manually from my other journal. Is there any way of changing the date though to a previous day?

Sorry for such a stupid question lol. I will only post the recent ones, at first, and will start from newest first. Sorry if you guys get alot of posts. I just don’t want to lose my entries.


4 Comments on “Just Gonna Do It Manually”

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Torie, glad that you're still writing! I hope you continue to write, and please keep in touch!Michelle

  2. Torie says:

    Hi Michelle. Of course i will keep writing!!! I know more people on here than live jornal. I am just transferring my old entries over to here.Thanks for sticking with me!!! How are you anyway? Xxxx

  3. ezziesworld says:

    HiI know it is possible to import journals from LJ to wordpress, because I know someone who has done this.I never really did get the hang of posting to blogger via its website, its so slow and clunky I gave up and I still have entries from last year sitting there probs not getting read and doing nothing.just start by doing a general google for "transfer livejournal to blogger" for example and see what comes up.

  4. Torie says:

    For some reason, my comment never posted.Yeah i am only just getting the hang of blogger. It is quite hard, and frustrating to get used to, but i think i am getting the hang of it.I found a tool to import journals, called Lj 2 blogger, but it didn't work. I'm up to 2009 with writing my entries, so that's good. Plus i can eddit all the crap out that i don't want to post lol.Take care xxx

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