If Only I’d Have Known!

I am currently reading a blog by a photographer who is waiting for a new guide dog. She is called
And her blog is great. Anyway, I joked a couple of months ago in
This post
Where I was recommending some blogs that were worth reading, that I was wading through her blog. Well i am still “Wading” through it, and it might be a bit longer before i’m finished!

I looked at the archive earlier tonight just to see how long it actually was, and discovered that she goes right back to 2004! Oh my god!!! I thought she only went back to 2005 at least, but wow!! I’m currently on July 2008, so i’ve got loooads to go yet!!!! I promised myself that i wouldn’t subscribe to her RSS feed, or leave any comments until i had finished reading all the blog. I would be wondering what happened in older entries if i just read the newist ones. So i am going to keep that promise, and am not going to start reading any new blogs until i have finished this one. It’s a pritty tough promise though!!! I will keep reading my regulars, which are at the bottom of my blog under the heading “blogs and links I visit” simply because i have read all their older entries. But please, save any great cool new blogs for afterwards, otherwise i will be tempted to read!!! Nah i’m only joking about that part-i love reading new and interesting blogs!

I only found L’s blog when reading another person’s blog. I found a post by her about naming her cane or something, and got a bit curious. I can’t be bothered finding the link though.

Dogs’ Eye View
Will hold a permanent place in my favourites for at least another while anyway. Until i have read all the past posts at least. The newist posts i can read in my RSS reader, and there aren’t as many of them, but the older ones-there are just loads!! They are all good though!! I wonder will i read them in the rest of this year? Don’t worry- i won’t stay in reading all the time-i will only do it when i’m bored, or just looking to read.

I might change my voice for reading though, as the good old elloquence gets a bit tiring on the old ears when reading for long periods. So i might have to install the realspeak voices, and use one of them, like Karren maybe when reading. I wouldn’t use it all the time, as i like elloquence for other things.

Sorry for the length of this post. Must go to bed now.

Disability Living Allowance-The Budget Announcement

I found this article on the
Website. Well it was through the
Eye Matters
Facebook page. I think it is good news anyway. No doubt there will prob be more cuts on the way though, so i don’t think i’ll hold my breath that we are going to get the higher rate of Mobility by next year. Who knows really. It’s interesting anyway. I was expecting more cuts though.

Anyway here’s the article after all that ramblement.

RNIB is receiving a number of enquiries about the Budget speech and Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

In his Budget on 22 June 2010 the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that from 2013, DLA claimants (both new and existing) will be required to undergo a medical assessment to determine their eligibility to claim the benefit. We would expect it to take some time to assess existing claimants. Each case would then be reviewed from time to time.

The new test is intended to reduce the numbers on DLA. Savings of over £1 billion per year by 2015 are envisaged. We do not know whether or how blind and partially sighted people will be affected by this – it depends on the details of the test. RNIB will be watching this closely and if necessary making representations to the Government.

No announcement was made regarding a decrease or increase to DLA rates in 2013. There is no reason to suppose that there would not be an annual inflation increase, as usual.

2011 higher rate mobility increase RNIB and Action for Blind People continue to work with DWP officials on the extension of eligibility for the higher rate DLA mobility component to people with a severe sight loss.

We understand the regulations needed to bring the change into effect will be laid before Parliament in the next week or so. This allows enough time for their approval before the summer recess. The re-assessment of visually impaired claimants on the lower rate of the mobility component will start in the autumn with the objective of completing the process before April 2011 when payments will start.

We are confident that the change is going ahead despite the very difficult fiscal environment.

Further Information For further information or to discuss the implications and what we can do as the leading UK charity for blind and partially sighted people, contact the campaigns team on 020 7391 2123 or campaigns@rnib.org.uk
Contact: campaigns@rnib.org.uk

Blind Quilting-Is It Possible?

Recently, I enquired about quilting. I would always love to try it and see how it works and stuff.

Last year i think it was, i got my dad to check around to see if our local sewing shops knew how this would work, and how I could actually quilt. They said it would be rather complicated, so i thought right. This year, i was asked what courses i would like to do since i have finished the
Essential Skills
Course. I thought i would check out the quilting again, since i thought the people in the sewing shop were just being ignorant, and saying that i couldn’t do it just for the sake of it.

There is a woman who does teach quilting locally, but i want to know more. My friend found me this rather old article on
Quilting Tips
From a blind person, but it doesn’t give me that much information, and i can’t seem to access the newsletter the article refers to, since it’s from 2006, and i don’t think they have back issues of the newsletter.

I was just wondering is it possible to quilt when blind? I know
Does Crocheting, which isn’t really the same thing, but it’s a start. So Ro if you have any tips, pass them this way!!

Seriously though, any other tips for a beginner quilter? I have never sewed, and would just like to try it.

I know it probably seems a bit boring, but who cares.

Thanks for any tips!

All Updated

I’ve just finished updating my blog with all my old entries from
My Other Blog
So happy days!

I hope you’ll still enjoy all my new entries.

I’m so glad i’ve transitioned from live journal to Blogger!

Another Awesome Night!

Remember on
I said that i was off to see Pink that night? Well she was awesome!!!!

The concert started at about 5 o’clock, but Pink didn’t actually come on until about 8:30. We wanted to get there early though, so we left at about half 4. Even by this time the traffic was mad!!!

There was a bit of confusion though, as we thought that the concert started at 5, and finished at 8 o’clock. This wasn’t the case though, as we found out a couple of days before that there was going to be a fun fair type thing going on too. Anyway…..we got there at about a quarter past 5.  We managed to get up pritty close to the stage, I think we were roughly about 50 feet from it.

At the fun fair there was burger vans, a bar, loads of portaloos, and like a thing that was like a thing you sat in and got shot up into the air, and bounced about. We didn’t bother going to that part, as we only came for Pink.

A local DJ from
Cool FM
was there providing the music until the support acts came on. They came on at about half 6.

The first act, “City And Colour” were alright. They didn’t sound too lively though. They were listenable though.

About an hour later, a band called
Butch Walker
And the “Black widdos” came on.  These guys were rather mad!!  Butch Walker wrote a couple of songs with Pink, but i didn’t find that out until she came on later. Anyway Butch started banging his head off the drums and stuff during some of the songs lol!

At about half 8, Pink finally came on. She made her entrance by being hoisted up into like a box type thing. There were baloons attached to the box, and she was shot out of it by a big canon thing that burst all the baloons that were attached to the box. She then went swinging over the audience.

She was on for about an hour and a half, or possibly two. She didn’t have as many acrobatics as she did when she was in doors, but it was still awesome. On her oncore, she had like fire coming up from the stage, while she swung around the audience again.

I’m so glad that it wasn’t the exact same songs she sung. Well it was, but they were in a different order than when she did them last.

I thought it was gonna drag in since we’d be standing for so long, but it flew. I think because there was a wall we could lean against kind of helped.

I’m really glad i decided to go now. It was great, and at least the weather was good.

I wonder when she’ll be back next.

Off To Pink-Again

Back In October
I went to see Pink in concert. Well Today (16 June), she is coming back again. It is for her “Funhouse summer Carnival” or something like that.

I wasn’t that keen on going, since it’s standing this time, but my sister convinced me to go. Plus, it’s outdoors, so hopefully it’ll be quite awesome. I just hope it doesn’t rain!!

I will probably post on Thursday after the concert, but going on the last concert, she should still be thoroughly good.

I don’t think i will get the set list though.

I can’t wait! Must go to bed now though….

The Waiting Game: Guide Dog Worries And Questions

I just had to post this. I know i haven’t finished the other entries yet, but i just had some burning questions i would throw at you.

I have been on the waiting list for roughly a year now. This is great, but there are times when i just get so bored!!!!

Also, sometimes i think that the guide dog won’t work. Not that it won’t work, but that i am expecting too much. I know that it will give me a hell of alot more independence, but i’m just worried that i won’t go out on my own, for example. I know that you Have to go out when you have the dog, but i have never really gone out totally on my own with the cane at the mo. I’m just worried that i will want someone with me for the first few days. I know that this will happen when i first qualify (i want to do this just to get used to being qualified and working with the dog), but i hope to god that i have the confidence to get out there totally on my own. How though will i get that confidence?

This is a stupid question, but how does one “bond” with the dog? Whenever i go off to training, we will get our dogs, and “bond” for a while until we learn to start going arounnd the hotel with them. This is what i’m guessing anyway. I think we get the dogs on the Tuesday morning in the first week, but what can one do to bond with the dog? That was a really really really stupid question.

I’m scared that i will make lots of mistakes, and won’t have the confidence to talk to the Guide dog mobility instructors. They are lovely people, but i think i’m just worrying too much.

I am worried too that the dog won’t bond or i won’t bond with it.

Finally, i need to stop feeding my pet dog scraps from the table. i have started putting food into a bag that i don’t eat, but each time i go to say to my parents to think about not feeding the dog, i never seem to manage it.

Am i worrying too much? Is it normal to be worrying a bit while i wait?

I hope to god that it is.

I still deffinetly feel that a dog will benifit me, but sometimes i just worry.

Please comment and put my mind at rest. I think it’s just a case that i am waiting, and i am just finding things to worry about.

I think that’s all my guide dog worries and questions for now anyway.

Thanks for any comments.

Can’t Be Bothered

I can’t be bothered posting this weeks spoilers for
The Archers
In case you were wondering where they had got to. I don’t think i will post them at all in future, since this is a new blog, after all, and i’m sure you all don’t want to read the spoilers for the week. I usually just posted them for the sake of it really. Let me know sure if you would want me to post them.

Anyway….i’ll have to get more readers i think. I got the links thing working by the way, so i’m able to do that now.

I’m off to finish 2009. Just thought i’d check in, and let you know where the spoilers for this week had gone.

Posting Progress

Over the last week, i have been busy trying to find ways of importing my

Live Journal

Entries over to here. I have had no luck, so have written out the entries manually. The “Backdate” feature on here is just awesome!!!! Anyway i’m up to 2009, so not far to go now. I’ve hit a snag though….

When i go to link to entries i have already posted, i can get them to link, but when i click on those links, i get a “Page not found” message. I know the entries work, since i can view them if i click on the year they were posted in. So i am going to post the url underneath the link to see if this works. Just to make sure, when you post a link you do the < symbol, followed by the letter A, space, then h r e f all together, then your quotes and the url, title, then (sorry for the techiness). Alternatively, you can press the control, shift and A keys, and the place where yu enter the url pops up. Maybe i should actually try this. When you do the link, you write your url, the year, then the title of the post with dashes? Like “2009/the-first-post.html”? (haven’t got a post called this).

I can post other links, but not to my entries.

Sorry if none of you have a clue what i’m on about. Might try the alternative and see if it works.

I’ve written to the support forum, to see if this helps.

I’m gonna try that now, and again sorry for the rambles. Just thought i’d let you know my progress.