Posting Progress

Over the last week, i have been busy trying to find ways of importing my

Live Journal

Entries over to here. I have had no luck, so have written out the entries manually. The “Backdate” feature on here is just awesome!!!! Anyway i’m up to 2009, so not far to go now. I’ve hit a snag though….

When i go to link to entries i have already posted, i can get them to link, but when i click on those links, i get a “Page not found” message. I know the entries work, since i can view them if i click on the year they were posted in. So i am going to post the url underneath the link to see if this works. Just to make sure, when you post a link you do the < symbol, followed by the letter A, space, then h r e f all together, then your quotes and the url, title, then (sorry for the techiness). Alternatively, you can press the control, shift and A keys, and the place where yu enter the url pops up. Maybe i should actually try this. When you do the link, you write your url, the year, then the title of the post with dashes? Like “2009/the-first-post.html”? (haven’t got a post called this).

I can post other links, but not to my entries.

Sorry if none of you have a clue what i’m on about. Might try the alternative and see if it works.

I’ve written to the support forum, to see if this helps.

I’m gonna try that now, and again sorry for the rambles. Just thought i’d let you know my progress.


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