The Waiting Game: Guide Dog Worries And Questions

I just had to post this. I know i haven’t finished the other entries yet, but i just had some burning questions i would throw at you.

I have been on the waiting list for roughly a year now. This is great, but there are times when i just get so bored!!!!

Also, sometimes i think that the guide dog won’t work. Not that it won’t work, but that i am expecting too much. I know that it will give me a hell of alot more independence, but i’m just worried that i won’t go out on my own, for example. I know that you Have to go out when you have the dog, but i have never really gone out totally on my own with the cane at the mo. I’m just worried that i will want someone with me for the first few days. I know that this will happen when i first qualify (i want to do this just to get used to being qualified and working with the dog), but i hope to god that i have the confidence to get out there totally on my own. How though will i get that confidence?

This is a stupid question, but how does one “bond” with the dog? Whenever i go off to training, we will get our dogs, and “bond” for a while until we learn to start going arounnd the hotel with them. This is what i’m guessing anyway. I think we get the dogs on the Tuesday morning in the first week, but what can one do to bond with the dog? That was a really really really stupid question.

I’m scared that i will make lots of mistakes, and won’t have the confidence to talk to the Guide dog mobility instructors. They are lovely people, but i think i’m just worrying too much.

I am worried too that the dog won’t bond or i won’t bond with it.

Finally, i need to stop feeding my pet dog scraps from the table. i have started putting food into a bag that i don’t eat, but each time i go to say to my parents to think about not feeding the dog, i never seem to manage it.

Am i worrying too much? Is it normal to be worrying a bit while i wait?

I hope to god that it is.

I still deffinetly feel that a dog will benifit me, but sometimes i just worry.

Please comment and put my mind at rest. I think it’s just a case that i am waiting, and i am just finding things to worry about.

I think that’s all my guide dog worries and questions for now anyway.

Thanks for any comments.


3 Comments on “The Waiting Game: Guide Dog Worries And Questions”

  1. Jen says:

    Stop worrying!!You'll be fine. :)You learn to bond with the dog during training by spending time with it, feeding, grooming, playing and getting to know each other. Obedience training also reenforces bonding because the dog knows who is boss, so even though you might think you are telling it off, its good for the dog to know who is the leader of the pack so to speak.Everyone makes mistakes, and its not the end of the world. You'll become more confident talking with your trainer the more you work together.By the time you finish home training you'll be confident working routes with your dog, so will probably just naturally want to go on your own. You could have someone walking behind you the first couple of times if you are worried you'll go to the wrong place. The trainer won't make you do anything your not ready for.I wouldn't worry too much about the pet dog if that's just the way your family feed it, as long as you aren't afraid to tell them not to feed the guide dog.Jen x

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL. You have a dog at home already. You will have no trouble bonding with yer guide dog. You use the word worry quite a lot. LOL. Waaaa! don't worry so much dude, I'm going through the same thing. and i'm sure who ever is working with you and the dog will explain the rules to your parents about not feeding the dog and that too. Actually, the def will as i ask that question. I've not gone far on my own since starting with the cane either. Maybe just from the pub to the centre of town and round the corner to my aunts but with the dog it will be so so much easier.Don't worry! Be happy!Julie XXX

  3. Torie says:

    Julie-just counted there, and there are about 10 different combinations of "Worry"! I don't really know where all that came from loll. I didn't think i was that worried lol.I think that once i get on class, i will be grand, and will have no problem talking to the guide dog peeps, but i think that it all was just like wholly crap! Lol.I know you are going through the same thing, and i hope that you don't worry as much!! Yeah i have a dog at home, but i don't really bother with it. That's bad lol.Jenifer-i talked to a friend today, and she says the same thing as you, that bonding will just come to me and that. I think i just am expecting too much of myself.Thanks guys for all your help. Much appreciated. Xxx

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