Another Awesome Night!

Remember on
I said that i was off to see Pink that night? Well she was awesome!!!!

The concert started at about 5 o’clock, but Pink didn’t actually come on until about 8:30. We wanted to get there early though, so we left at about half 4. Even by this time the traffic was mad!!!

There was a bit of confusion though, as we thought that the concert started at 5, and finished at 8 o’clock. This wasn’t the case though, as we found out a couple of days before that there was going to be a fun fair type thing going on too. Anyway…..we got there at about a quarter past 5.  We managed to get up pritty close to the stage, I think we were roughly about 50 feet from it.

At the fun fair there was burger vans, a bar, loads of portaloos, and like a thing that was like a thing you sat in and got shot up into the air, and bounced about. We didn’t bother going to that part, as we only came for Pink.

A local DJ from
Cool FM
was there providing the music until the support acts came on. They came on at about half 6.

The first act, “City And Colour” were alright. They didn’t sound too lively though. They were listenable though.

About an hour later, a band called
Butch Walker
And the “Black widdos” came on.  These guys were rather mad!!  Butch Walker wrote a couple of songs with Pink, but i didn’t find that out until she came on later. Anyway Butch started banging his head off the drums and stuff during some of the songs lol!

At about half 8, Pink finally came on. She made her entrance by being hoisted up into like a box type thing. There were baloons attached to the box, and she was shot out of it by a big canon thing that burst all the baloons that were attached to the box. She then went swinging over the audience.

She was on for about an hour and a half, or possibly two. She didn’t have as many acrobatics as she did when she was in doors, but it was still awesome. On her oncore, she had like fire coming up from the stage, while she swung around the audience again.

I’m so glad that it wasn’t the exact same songs she sung. Well it was, but they were in a different order than when she did them last.

I thought it was gonna drag in since we’d be standing for so long, but it flew. I think because there was a wall we could lean against kind of helped.

I’m really glad i decided to go now. It was great, and at least the weather was good.

I wonder when she’ll be back next.


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