If Only I’d Have Known!

I am currently reading a blog by a photographer who is waiting for a new guide dog. She is called
And her blog is great. Anyway, I joked a couple of months ago in
This post
Where I was recommending some blogs that were worth reading, that I was wading through her blog. Well i am still “Wading” through it, and it might be a bit longer before i’m finished!

I looked at the archive earlier tonight just to see how long it actually was, and discovered that she goes right back to 2004! Oh my god!!! I thought she only went back to 2005 at least, but wow!! I’m currently on July 2008, so i’ve got loooads to go yet!!!! I promised myself that i wouldn’t subscribe to her RSS feed, or leave any comments until i had finished reading all the blog. I would be wondering what happened in older entries if i just read the newist ones. So i am going to keep that promise, and am not going to start reading any new blogs until i have finished this one. It’s a pritty tough promise though!!! I will keep reading my regulars, which are at the bottom of my blog under the heading “blogs and links I visit” simply because i have read all their older entries. But please, save any great cool new blogs for afterwards, otherwise i will be tempted to read!!! Nah i’m only joking about that part-i love reading new and interesting blogs!

I only found L’s blog when reading another person’s blog. I found a post by her about naming her cane or something, and got a bit curious. I can’t be bothered finding the link though.

Dogs’ Eye View
Will hold a permanent place in my favourites for at least another while anyway. Until i have read all the past posts at least. The newist posts i can read in my RSS reader, and there aren’t as many of them, but the older ones-there are just loads!! They are all good though!! I wonder will i read them in the rest of this year? Don’t worry- i won’t stay in reading all the time-i will only do it when i’m bored, or just looking to read.

I might change my voice for reading though, as the good old elloquence gets a bit tiring on the old ears when reading for long periods. So i might have to install the realspeak voices, and use one of them, like Karren maybe when reading. I wouldn’t use it all the time, as i like elloquence for other things.

Sorry for the length of this post. Must go to bed now.


3 Comments on “If Only I’d Have Known!”

  1. L^2 says:

    Wow, Torie, you are going to read the whole thing! I am incredibly impressed. There is a lot of junk on my blog. LOL I am very glad you are enjoying it though. I just wanted to let you know I follow your blog too – I found it from your comments on Ro's blog. I'm bad about leaving comments sometimes, but I am reading. 🙂 Also, I'll warn you that as you get further back in the archives of my blog there are few photo descriptions. I didn't figure out how to include them in the picture code until I had been blogging for awhile. I've been tempted to go back and add descriptions to all that old stuff that is missing them, but there are so many posts. I just haven't had the energy to do it, yet. Thanks for reading!

  2. Jen says:

    Waw! don't think I've ever read a whole blog before unless its not started long before I started following it. I usually just read posts with particular headings.Fair play!

  3. Torie says:

    Jeniffer-i wasn't going to read it all, but thought that it would be kind of selfish to not read it all. I would just wonder what would happen though if i only read a little bit. It's tough going though!!!!L-some of my posts are probably junk too, so i wouldn't worry. But it's so exciting!!!! Any particular posts you'd recommend?Don't worry-i don't comment all the time either!!!!Take care, and keep up the good work. I promise when i have finished i will read more blogs, and comment on some entries of yours. Xxx

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