Last Minute Thoughts…

Well the day has finally arrived. In approximately 10 hours, I will be heading up to the hotel with my rehab worker to commence guide dog class. Boy are the nerves starting to kick in! What will I be like tomorrow morning?

I am still thinking “what if i’m not ready” and “Will it work” and all those other questions lol. I know it will just take persiveerance (can’t spell that word) for both me and the dog. Sometimes i still think “It’s just a normal day” and “it’s not really real” but it is it is it is!!!

I must thank all of you who have commented giving me all nice messages and telling me not to worry which is hugely important! :). There are too many of you to mention, and I want to sort out my bag for last minute packing.

I will hopefully get to writing another post later tonight, but i may not be able to reply to comments. Keep them ppouring in though! I just might not have the time that’s all.

I must go now, and i’ll chat to you all tonight. I just wanted to get this post in just letting you all know the craic with comments and such. Sorry i’m rushing so much.

I’ll write later!

2 Comments on “Last Minute Thoughts…”

  1. Carin says:

    Try and catch some zzz's. You'll need 'em. I know it's hard, but sleep, good! Trust me, sleep, good!Think of going through training as constructing a beautiful melody. You start off with foot positions and some basic leash work. That's like the base. Then they teach you about dealing with various obstacles. That's another level. Then you get into dealing with traffic, and that's like another piece of the melody, and then finally there's all that intelligent disobedience stuff, and when you put it all together, it's quite the composition. But you learned it one piece at a time, so you didn't really feel the piling on.I say again. Sleep…very good. *grin*.

  2. Beth Finke says:

    Found your blog via "In the Center of the Roof" blog. Good luck with training, I come to it from the other end of the spectrum — my Seeing Eye dog is 10 years old! You can read about our adventures here:www.bethfinke.wordpress.comGood luck with training —

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