Sixth Day Of Guide Dog Class

There’s no rest for the wicked when you’re on class, which is just the way I like it! It was an early start again, for morning feeding and spending. I completely forggot about the alarm. Well i had set it, but must have dozed off again, because when I next looked at the time, it was 20 past 7 i think. I panicked a bit as I thought this would affect her feeding, but I had 10 minutes before her normal feeding time so that was alright.

Breakfast was again at 8 o’clock, which was gorgious as always.

I chilled again until about half 10, which was good. My friend phoned me, so we had a great gab until it was time for me to take Ushi out for her spending opportunity before we went out on our first walk of the day.

We were doing “off kerb” obsticles today. The instructors had braught “artificial obsticles” just to practice doing them. Basically, the dog will stop if there is an obsticle in front of her that she couldn’t get us both through. This could be a bin, or just loads of people. The dog will bring you to the “side kerb” which is the kerb that is sort of to the right or left of you. You would either go right or left depending on where the obsticle was. If she still couldn’t get through, she would then bring you back to the “side kerb”. You would then tell her “forward”, and take a couple of steps, then tell her “over” and “find the step”, or “in and find the step” depending on where the obsticle was. You can then carry on on your way. We did a couple of them, and it got easier the more we did them.

Sometimes an obsticle could be a crowd of people standing having a chat on the pavement. You would approach it the same way, but as you told the dog “forward” and “over or in” the obsticle could have gone away. This is called a “moving obsticle”. We also covered what would happen if, for example, there was a hedge on your left, and a car on your right and something possibly in front of you, that this is called a “trap obsticle”. You would do a “back” turn, and to to the “side kerb”. You would then do it as if it was an “Off kerb” obsticle. I think this is right anyway. All these obsticles got easier as they went on.

There was one point though where there was a cat across the road. She really focused on that cat, and I couldn’t get her to move forward. My instructor had a cross word with her though, and she went on fine. My instructor just needed to let her know that that was unacceptable, as my attempts weren’t really working. It was a really harsh correction she had to give, and I thought “i’m glad that’s not me on the end of that lead!”.

We went back to the car shortly after that. It was a really good walk, apart from Ushi being a pain with the cat!

We had lunch after this. I had chicken sandwiches again, and a glass of orange juice. Gorgious again, as usual. We decided to pre order our dinner, as we were going out bowling, and needed to leave by a quarter past 7. I ordered the old favourite, cod, chips, and mushy peas with a glass of orange and a pavlova.

I wasn’t needed until about 3 o’clock, so I just chilled with Ushi again.

We were building on what we had already learnt with the “off kerb” obsticles, only these obsticles would be totally natural, if we came across any. We also did lots of “rounded kerbs”, which are kerbs which you have to indent around the corner, then ask the dog to go “up to the kerb”. Again, it was a really good walk.

We did a couple of “T junctions” as well.

We headed back at about half 4. I sat in the lounge and chilled with the instructors for a while before they left. We would be seeing them later again, which would be good.

It was normal evening feeding at half 5, followed by us going to the restaurant to eat. The food was right on time too, which was great. Good job we had pre ordered! The dessert menu was also read out when we got there, where I had the pavlova. It was gorgious, and was nice and light.

We got the dogs spent and left them in our rooms, while we headed out. I stuck the radio on for her, so she wouldn’t be lonely.

The bowling alley was only about 10 minutes away. I traveled up in the car with the instructor and her little girl. She was very bright for a kid that young! I asked her about guide dogs, and she knew that when the harness was on, that the dog was working. She was also telling me that her teacher boarded guide dogs which was great!!!! She even wanted to guide me when we got in! Too cute!!!

We got our bowling shoes, and then we went off to get our lanes. As we were passing through another alley to get to the quieter bit that we were in, there was a DJ doing a disco in the alley lol. Thank goodnes we were in the quieter part!

Alot of the gang from the team were there. The puppy walking supervisor was there, as well as the other rehab worker, the two instructors, and an admin person. It was all great craic. The instructors little girl was making sure I was alright throughout the night. She kept offering me drinks of her pepsy and that. I said to her at one point that if i drank any more, I would have to stop at the ladies alot, and she was like “I’ll take you to them if you need to go!”.

I ended the night with a score of 90 I think. The night was great craic, and a good chance to chill after a hard week. Thanks guys for taking us! Loved it!

We got back at about 20 past 9, which was just in time for evening spending! After we did that, the instructors left, and me and one of the clients and his son decided to go down to the bar as we’d heard that there was live music being played, so we thought we would check it out. While the music was good, we didn’t really go down for that. It wasn’t too busy, so we mainly went for the chat. We had a fabulous discussion, and it was nice just to chat and chill. We went up to our rooms again at about half 11.

It was quite a nice day as usual, apart from Ushi’s major correction that she needed! She needed to know who was boss though.

Oh, and I forgot to say. Last night, I had to do a little educating on behalf of guide dogs. Well I didn’t have to, but I chose to. When I was taking Ushi out for her last spend, a man was standing having a smoke. He asked me if that was where the dog was going to go (think he thought she was going to stay in there lol). I just said that this was where she would go to the toilet (hadn’t got her in yet). His wife shortly joined us, and we spent a good 20 minutes or so just chatting about guide dogs, and the different stages there was. It was great, and they seemed genuinly interested, which is always good. Ushi just lay down as if to say “While you three are chatting, i’ll just go to sleep.”. It was good to educate-heaven knows, i’ll be doing enough of that soon lol.

The district team manager also came up yesterday on our last walk of the day (before we got the new beds). He was saying how well I was doing, and he mentioned the blog that I was doing for the facebook page of our team. I thought “Oh god he doesn’t like it, i’ve given too much information, i’ll stop”, but he was grand and basically told me to keep going. He said that I can’t learn everything in one week, and that I’m kind of like a sponge at the minute wanting to absorb as much information as possible and that lol. I just told him I wanted to get it right.

I will eventually get around to responding to comments again-i just want to get all the posts done first.

Oh and by the way, for those who wanted to know what the “guiding road” was, it is the road which travels along side the pavement where you are travelling. It can even be a busy road, as long as it is on your left or right. I hope this explanation helps!


4 Comments on “Sixth Day Of Guide Dog Class”

  1. Jen and Bil says:

    That sounds like a busy and fun day :)I've never heard it called the "guiding rode" before 🙂 lol

  2. Ro says:

    I'm so confused. Why was this posted on the fourth but It's pretty much updating daily here. There's no way we're a week apart, right? I'm so confused. Giving those corrections are so hard. My instructor had me do one when we visited the kennels at school. It was awful. Sounds like things are going great!

  3. Torie says:

    Ro-I have backdated these to the date that they happen, so that is why it doesn't update right. I just thought it would be better posting on the day that the stuff happened!!! Hope that is okay. Xxx. I hope you don't mind me doing it this way.

  4. Carin says:

    It's neat. I figured that was what was going on. I tried to say that before, but obviously I was clear as mud. *grin*.So you have now learned that Ushi is distracted by cats, *grin*. Ah the things you learn when in training.

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