9th Day Of Guide Dog Class

I didn’t feel as tired this morning as I did yesterday morning.&bsp; I think that early night helped heaps.

Up at the break of day again, so that we could prepare for the day, and get the food ready for morning feeding.

It seemed like a glorious morning when I took Ushi out to spend, which was great after yesterday!

I went down for breakfast again at about 8 o’clock.  On our way down, we came across a misterious sofa parked in our path.  I think I might have veered a bit though, as it was kind of behind the door lol.  Oops.  Oh well.  We got to the restaurant anyway which was good.

I wasn’t needed until about 11 again, so decided to do an obedience session with Ushi.  She did great, and we walked almost up to reception, with me getting her to sit ocasionally along the way.  She was grand, which was good.  We just headed back to our room after that, and waited until about 10 minutes to 11, where I took Ushi out again for her spend before the walk.

We just did the same as yesterday really. I found it a bit more busier this morning though. It went relatively straight forward, apart from me needing to point out a couple of obsticles, telling her to “watch” as we passed them. This was just to make sure she didn’t get away with walking me into something, or brushing me against something.

It felt like there were loads of obsticles lol!!! I think there was!!

We headed back to lunch after this.

I just had chicken sandwiches with orrange juice.  Two of the admin staff had popped down, just to see how we were getting on, and have a general chit chat. The woman who writes the facebook page was telling me what a wonderful response it is having, and how everyone seems to love it.  That was great to hear.  She was also telling me that the marketing department are going to use it, and that it has been sent to the chief executive of the whole organisation, as nobody had written a blog about class before, and they apparently liked what they saw!!  I must have been doing something right!!! Lol.  I only started doing it because I was writing on my personal blog anyway!! Who’d have thought that I would have got such a fantastic response!!!

I went up to my room with a little spring in my step after that lol.  I just chilled until about half 2, as I wasn’t needed until then.

When I took her out for her last spend before we would go on our second walk, something rather strange happened. As I was going to get Ushi out of the run, I heard this strange humming noise.  I just loosened the gate of the run, and as soon as i did that, I heard this really loud noise, which sounded like a plane or something. I then heard the noise of helicopter blades. I sort of hugged the gate of the run, and bent down a little. I didn’t fancy getting decapitated!!! Once it was gone, I just stood there for a while wondering what had just happened. Apparently, I found out from my instructors that there was a wedding and they must have hired a helicopter. It was rather funny afterwards!!

We learnt something new today.  It was called “traffic training”.  I won’t go into too much detail, as I wouldn’t want to scare anyone who is on class, or who is on the waiting list.  Basically, you tell the dog to go forward when there is a car in front of you on the road.  You are safe because you are on the kerb.  When the dog waits, you praise it, then tell it to go forward again.  It is to teach the dog not to go if there is a car on the road in front of the kerb, which it should do.  This got easier as we did it, although it sounded really really really scarey when it was explained to me!  That is why I am not going into details of it.  I would appreciate if when you comment, you don’t mention too much about “traffic training” if you have already done it.  The last thing I would want would be to scare someone!!
We went back to the hotel after that, as it was time for feeding and spending.
I decided to have chicken supreme with champ, followed by a bowl of natural yogurt with fruit.  It was nice, only the bowl was one of those really wide bowls at the top, and then it went to like a cup shape at the bottom.  I dug in to get at the fruit, and spilt half of my yogurt!  It was practically only us in the restaurant, which was nice and quiet.
We had to make a rather urgent trip to the human spending pen after dinner, before we headed into the lounge for our nightly chat.
It was off to bed shortly after that.  It was another good day, even if we did get a little worried about the “traffic training!”.

7 Comments on “9th Day Of Guide Dog Class”

  1. Jen says:

    I agree traffic training sounds a lot worse than it is.I can't wait to meet Ushi!

  2. Torie says:

    I panicked when they said what we were doing!!! They hadn't even finished the sentence, when I knew what they were on about!! Xxx.

  3. Jen and Bil says:

    Yeah trafic training sounds a whole lot scarier than it actually is… we actually used a hybrid car which made it worse lol!

  4. Carin says:

    Once it's done, you have a whole ton more faith in your pooch, so I'm glad they do it.

  5. Ro says:

    I was scared of traffic training too but yeah, after you do it the trust in the dog just goes up ten fold. It's amazing to see them work and after the first part of it, it's like oh yeah, no problem. The hybrid car was crazy! Did you experience a hybrid car? I was so glad Jayden could see it.

  6. Torie says:

    Nah thankfully it wasn't a hybrid. We don't have many of those here. I would have crapped myself if that was the case!!! I panick every day though in case i don't remember something lol.I haven't read any blogs over the past two weeks!! I'm dying to know what you all have been up to! Xxx.

  7. Carin says:

    Relax. It will all come with time. No need to panic. Yeah I know, I panicked too. But trust me, there's no need to panic. Have you ever read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? What does it say on the front? "Don't panic!"

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