10th Day Of Guide Dog Class

We’re deffinetly on the “home straight” now. Hard to believe!! It was another nice morning today as I took Ushi out for her first spending opportunity of the day.

Again, I had cornflakes with an orange juice for breakfast, which was lovely. We had the pleasure of listening to a bit of opera while we ate, which was different, but nice and relaxing.

Again, I wasn’t needed until about 11 o’clock, so I just chilled again, and had a doze. One of the “house keeping” staff came in just before I had a doze and just chatted for a while to me as they changed my bedding and got me fresh towels. It was gorgious just lying there afterwards.

I didn’t have Ushi for the morning though, as she was getting her routine weighing, that all the dogs get before they go home after class. The room felt really empty while she was away, so I just had that doze.

It was weird not having to take Ushi out to spend at about 11 o’clock though.

My instructor was going to meet us down where our walk was going to be, so the other instructor came and got me.

I found out what her weight is (Ushi’s, not the instructors!), and it is 29 Kilograms, which apparently is well within her normal weight which is good. Because Ushi was rather distracted over the past couple of days, we decided to try something around her nose called a “Halty”. This is like a little strip that clips onto the collar, and you put the lead on the collar I think. It is sort of just like part of a horses bridle. It is just a strip of cloth that goes over her nose. The only thing you have to be careful with is that you don’t pull as hard when correcting, and when you use the harness, you lengthen the lead a bit to give her more room when she has it on.

We put it on for her first walk, but she would hardly move lol, so we took it off again. She went at her normal speed after that.

We did some more “traffic training”, and went into a busier area with lots of shops and people. There was one point where we stopped at a rounded kerb. Well I missed it, so got Ushi to come back so that we could re do it. I could sense that there was a bin to my right which was were we were going, so I was a bit hesitant. I thought that it would have been an “off kerb” obsticle, but they said that you don’t want to be doing them unless you really need to. So I just got her to go right, and then told her “over” by pointing m arm to the left and saying “over”, and then “up to the kerb”. If we had kept going right on down the street, and didn’t find the kerb so close to the bins, we would have been way way way down the street lol.

It was a good walk, apart from me missing that kerb.

It was off for lunch after this. I had a chicken sandwich again and a glass of orrange juice.

I wasn’t needed until about 3 o’clock again, so just chilled again.

We did a similar walk to the morning, only we didn’t do “traffic training”. Just business and people. We also had to “find” some crossings, and that was really all. Also just making sure I stopped when Ushi stopped.

It was quite a good walk again, and only needed to be told when to turn which was good.

It was about 5 o’clock when we got back. We just chilled until about half 5 for evening spending.

I decided to have battered chicken goosions and chips for dinner tonight. I had a chocolate fudge cake and ice cream again which was gorgious.

We had our nightly chats after dinner.

I took Ushi out for her last spend, and when she came back in, I had to give her a massive correction. There are stairs just as you come in from where the spending pen is. She rushed over to them, and her head was down. She normally wouldn’t do that. I stood there and gave her a big chuck back on the lead, and told her “No” and “leave it”. We then walked back to our room. I felt terrible. As soon as we got into the room, she just went and lay on her bed. That made me feel even worse lol. I stroked her for a while after a bit, and she was grand. I think she was just having a huff though lol.

I think I just felt worse than she did lol.

She didn’t rush or sniff after that though which was good.

I can’t believe it’s the last full day tomorrow.


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