Final Day Of Guide Dog Class

These two weeks have just flown in. It seems like months since we have been home lol.

While Ushi was eating her morning food, I started to take some of the stuff into the lounge that belonged to guide dogs. These were things like the talking clock they had put in our bedrooms, a funky new liquid level indicator which had a magnet on the back, and vibrated. (I was tempted to make that a sto away in my bag lol, but thought that they might notice). I also braught in a CD player, and a packet of paper towels that we had been given too. I also braught out all my bags, so that they could just be put in the car.

At breakfast, we said to everyone about how much we enjoyed their service (especially their disability awareness training which guide dogs had provided for them I think. It was good that they put that into practice!). We didn’t know how we would manage going back to our meals at home after being spoilt at the hotel! They said that we were “welcome back at any time” which was nice too.

We went upstairs to finish the rest of our packing.

When we came into the lounge, the instructors were like “Oh bad news torie, we have to stay another week.” Which I thought was cool!!! They were only joking though. We gave back our cards and that, and just sat for a while and chilled until it was about half 9.

I said good bye to the other client, and gave him a hug. We had said that we would all keep in touch, which was good.

Me, my instructor and one doggy headed up the road then shortly afterwards. We did a walk first before we headed for home. My instructor kept asking me if i wanted to do yesterdays walk, which I said no, and that I would rather do another walk. She kept trying to coinvince me by saying that yesterdays walk was brilliant, and the other walk had more distractions on it. I stood my ground though, and explained that I wanted to end on a high, and didn’t want to get upset again. So it was the second walk that we eventually agreed on.

It was a good walk, and Yes, I did end on a high, which was good. The instructor said that I could have done the other walk, and would have coped with it no problem. We eventually agreed to disagree lol.

We called at a cash point so that I could get money for my dog bed, bowls and squeaky toy. We also decided to get some nibbles for going up the road.

We just chatted about everything really in the car, from how class went, to just more general things, and being at home.

At about 11 o’clock or so, we arrived home. We got me and all my gear in first before bringing Ushi in. My little brother took an instant liking to her, which was good. We got her to spend in the garden, before mixing the two dogs.

We mixed them both on lead first, as we would then have control of them. Well our current dog was very very very very boysterous, and Ushi didn’t really want to bother with it. We then thought that maybe they should meet off lead, and then they might be calmer. That was not successful either, as Ushi just ran and hid. She then came up to me and really leaned into me.

We got the other dog in the house, before discussing what to do. They recommended that we keep the two dogs separate, at least for the weekend anyway, because our other dog was quite hyper, and was very very dominant towards Ushi. Basically, I would text mum each time I wanted to take her to spend, so that they could get our other dog in the living room or where ever. I also decided to feed upstairs, which I am still doing lol.

After the stress of introducing the two dogs, we went into the living room to chill for a bit. Ushi was very fixed on the guinny pigs lol. They kept squeaking, and she kept going over and going “what are they” lol.

I took Ushi upstairs after that, and set her bed down and water down. My instructor left shortly after this, when we were settled. She was coming out on Monday anyway as she was going to do the “home training”.

It felt very strange being at home. I laid down the ground rules right from the start, telling them the food had to be lifted, and that I tookmost of the responsibility. Everyone seemed cool with it. The only thing that I have le mum do is to lift up Ushi’s businesses, as she would be doing the other dogs anyway. I do everything else though.

I felt a bit jealous though when everyone else was playing with her, and was thinking that the bonding wouldn’t be that good with me and her. I wasn’t massively jealous though.

I just chilled for the weekend and made sure that Ushi spent and all. I only left her in the house for an hour on her own on Sunday, but that was because I was bored.

It was actually easier than I thought being at home. I was expecting it to be really hard, but Ushi fits right in!

Thank you so much to the instructors over class. Also thanks to the other clients who were great!!!

The real work starts on Monday, including the instructors coming out to see what can be done with Ushi and our pet dog.

I will write the “home training” part tomorrow, that is if you aren’t all bored!!! Thanks again so much for reading, and I really appreciated the comments. You all reassured me no end!!! Thank you!

3 Comments on “Final Day Of Guide Dog Class”

  1. Erin and Co. says:

    Woohoo you guys are home!!! I know from experience, bringing a new dog in too a home with another dog, can be stressful, but after a week or two they calm down and get used to each other!!

  2. Carin says:

    There's no way we're bored. I still can't believe I've already read about half your training! Woe man!

  3. Jen and Bil says:

    definitely not bored! 🙂 Eventually your dog will get used to her and they'll at least tolarate each other. 🙂

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