2nd Day Of Home Training

Today had a rather shakey start to the morning….

It was about 7 o’clock. I was up as I was going to have breakfast first, before I fed Ushi. Mum nipped into my room to get something. We forgot that Sally the pet dog was still upstairs. Before I knew it, Sally was in the room. She instantly ran over to Ushi and started growling. There was no “hellos” or anything, just total growling. It was quite a shock to a morning!! I checked out Ushi and she seemed fine, but she didn’t eat all her food. She normally wolfs it down, but she left quite a bit. Poor girl.

I was deffinetly on my guard for the rest of the morning.

The instructors came out at about 10 o’clock. My instructor was being observed by another instructor, as the one yesterday couldn’t do it. This was the instructor that I had on my Guide dog assessment. We were just sitting chatting, when she noticed a little puncture wound on Ushi’s neck. So Sally must have latched onto Ushi. Poor girl. They said that most of the time they can’t be felt, but if they get infected, then they will have a big lump on their neck, and the collar and that can rub against it.

So we headed off in the car to the vets. We decided to get Ushi registered while we were there, so that we could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. I braught my “health book” just in case.

She rushed into the vets. Had to tell her to “steady” all the time. We just went straight up to reception. Our surgery opens from 9 to 10, then 2 until 3, and then half 5 to 20 past 6 I think. When we got there it was like 20 past 10, and the receptionist was like “we don’t have a clinic until 2 o’clock”, but my instructor was like “we won’t be back after 12”. The receptionist then said that she would get one of the vets to have a look at her. While we were waiting for the vet to come, we got her registered. This only took about 5 minutes. The vet came, and said that we just had to keep an eye on her wound, but that if something was to happen, it would happen in about 24 hours after it happened. After the vet looked at Ushi, she was up and ready to go. I think she thought that she was ready after that! I still had hold of the lead though, so got her to come back over to me.

When we were ready to go, we walked out of the surgery. She pulled quite furiously lol. Had to get her to “steady” loads, then she started to shake a bit, but apparently the dogs all kind of shake a bit when they come out, as they might have had a painful experience or something.

We went back to the house, to then start her walk.

We just did the same walk as yesterday, and she wasn’t bothered by the lions at all, that I had mentioned yesterday. However there were two dogs behind a gate on our walk. As we walked past them, Ushi had a massive shake and kind of stopped. I think that was because of what had happened in the morning.

Sally is going to be re homed. I don’t want her about because of how agressive she was. I just don’t think Sally will ever get on with Ushi. Mum is looking for another home, although there is still no word if she is going or not. She will go to kennels if she can’t get a home. Mum rang on Tuesday, and it’s now Friday when i’m writing this. I am going to backdate it to Tuesday though.

Oh and Ro, the reason why your blogroll mightn’t have been updating was because I changed the dates of class and that as it would be more real if it happened on the day rather than ages later. I hope this is okay-and I don’t feel like i’m home either!! It still feels rather weird to be home!!! But that is why your blogroll might not update. You can always browse through the entries again if you are bored or something lol.

I really hope that Sally is re homed sooner rather than later, as i’m constantly on edge when she is about, as i worry in case Tuesday happens again.

Oh, and is it normal to feel kind of jealous when others spend time with Ushi? I kept thinking that it might ruen my bond!! I felt terrible when I was told that Sally had to go though, as I just felt really guilty, but Ushi is the most important.


5 Comments on “2nd Day Of Home Training”

  1. Jen says:

    Poor Sally I hope she goes to a good home. I would die if that happened to me!Its normal enough though for two dogs of the same sex to not get on, well at first anyway, but suppose its too difficult to separate them all the time and you can't take any chances. Its fair on both dogs if she is rehomed.At least you got to check out the vet and get Ushi registered anyway so it wasn't all bad 🙂

  2. Carin says:

    Ouchers. Sally, bad girl! I think it's amazing that your family is so supportive of the need to rehome Sally. Gees. Poor Ushi.And it's totally normal. I was scared about that for the first while. It can happen, but I think only if the other people start playing with her huge time, more than you, and letting her do things that you don't permit.Keep an eye on that neck of Ushi's. Puncture wounds are brutal because yeah you can't feel 'em all. And keep an eye on that dog anxiety. I'm sure it'll fade with time, but if it doesn't, get a hold of those instructors for guidance. Don't let it balloon out of control.

  3. Ro says:

    Yeah I've just been visiting the blog so I don't miss anything. How scary for her second day home! Gah! I'm glad your family is being so understanding, too. As a guide dog, she is way more important than a pet, but not everyone will see it that way. I can't really tell you if it's normal to feel jealous, because I didn't let people interact with Jayden when I first got him home. GDB had told me that the first few months are crucial for bonding, and that his feeding and play time had to come from me. So Jayden didn't play with anyone at all in the first few months. Gradually I let B begin to have more interaction with Jayden, but at first it was nothing but quick pats. Now that I know our bonding is really solid, B plays with Jayden and I let others give him affection, out of harness. I've never felt any jealousy, though there are times when Jayden gets really really excited to see someone, and I wonder why he doesn't get that excited with me. Well, he's with me all the time, he doesn't have time to miss me lol. Talk to your instructors, but I would see if maybe you can expose Ushi to those dogs through the fence, while you're acting really excited and chill. She's going to follow yor lead, and you want to nip any fear of other dogs in the bud now.

  4. Torie says:

    Well she was grand on our next days out, which I have to write about yet. Her neck has just got a little scab now, which even the instructors had trouble finding!!She was just too boysterous, as she wasn't socialised when she was a pup. This was before we got her.I have been really good with not letting people give her affection. I only let them do it when i'm about. It's hard saying to a 7 year old not to be petting her! I do all the feeding and all myself. I let my little brother groom her with my supervision, but that was because he got rather upset at the thought of Sally having to go. I felt like an Ogar!Yep I have been told that I do 99 percent of the stuff, like taking her out to busy, and feeding, and playing etc.Thanks for all your help! I'm off to write what we got up to on the third day home. Xxx. Well the third day of working from home lol.

  5. Becky says:

    Just getting caught up on your blog. Wow. adventures with a new guide isn't there. Sounds like it is going better – realized i read a later post and commented on an earlier one!

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