3rd Day Of Home Training

Well today had a much better start to the morning. It was just the usual routine for morning feeding and spending.

The instructors came at about 10 o’clock again. Or rather should I say, it was only my instructor who came as the two other instructors I had were busy doing other things with other clients.

I first of all got my instructor to look at Ushi’s neck, as I wanted to make sure that her wound hadn’t got any bigger, which thankfully it hadn’t.

We were doing the same “block route” that we had done for the past couple of days, only in the opposite direction. We first of all did it on the “short handle” so that I could get a good picture of it in my head. That thing is so useful! We then came back to the house, and got Ushi, who had a nice sleep in the instructors car while we did the walk. She was raring to go as usual.

I asked about how I would know if Ushi would sniff on the walk, but it turns out that I was able to pick it up, as her head turned the other way from where she was meant to be looking. We agreed at the start of the walk that we would keep Ushi moving as much as possible, and ask all the questions later. This was because she would get rather bored if we spend ages hanging about, so there is more chance of her getting distracted. It then becomes a battle to get her focus back.

The walk went reasonably well. She found my house no problem! I said though that I didn’t want to be relying on her finding the door, as she might not be paying attention some day. They are going to think of a land mark I can use, as there is nothing really that is useful, apart from feeling each door. But that would be too time consuming!!

We had a quick break at the house first, before doing the same walk the way we did it before today.

I asked what would happen if you came round the block one way, and then the other way, but you can just tell the dog “back” and tap the front of your leg, and you will go back round again which was quite cool.

After we did it one way, we did the other way again. It started to chuck it down, and I think Ushi was rather bored, cause she slowed right down, and I really really really had to encourage her forward. She eventually did it though which was great.

It was another great walk. I really enjoyed it, and I am slowly getting used to her in my home area. And thankfully there was no “shakes” at any dogs or anything today. She just walked on past which is good.

Thanks again people for the comments-I can relate so much to you guys. We are all like a little guide dog community lol.

Sorry the home training posts are so short, it’s just that we finish by about 12 o’clock, and i don’t think you want every single detail of what I did for the rest of the day lol. “I went to the toilet at three o’clock, and then ate dinner at 6!” lol.

Who knows-maybe Ushi will get her paws on the computer when I have finished the home training posts! Think she would like that! She sneaked onto facebook last night to talk to another guide doggy friend, and she was saying that she didn’t know why “the thing I used talked!” so maybe when she gets on here she might understand a bit better. Who knows though.

Thanks again for putting up with all my questions, and sorry if I get annoying. I just want to be sure that i am doing everything possible to make this work.


6 Comments on “3rd Day Of Home Training”

  1. Carin says:

    Glad Ushi got over her doggy fears, it's a good sign. You're not annoying. We've all been there, and I think every time you get a new dog, you worry.

  2. Carin says:

    I got thinking about your landmark problem. Do you get a lot of breeze near your house door? Would a windchime work as a landmark?

  3. Carin says:

    Even so, home is one place that dogs don't mess around with. After all, home is where the kibble lives!

  4. Torie says:

    Nah you have to go down a little drive way if you like. There are houses on either side of our street. When I had my cane I could just follow the wall, cause one part of the wall sounded hollower than the rest, and that meant that there was one driveway then the house. Sometimes there is a truck parked near the house but sometimes it isn't there either.Will have to have a think lol. Could maybe train Ushi to bark at the drive way to our door? Lol. Xxx.

  5. Carin says:

    Or better yet, pause there.

  6. Ro says:

    When I first got home with Jayden, I gave him a jackpot kibble at every important destination. That just means more than one piece of kibble. I don't know if you're using food reward or not. But basically, because I did that, Jayden will walk through fire to get me there. I have no fears now, as I can tell him from clear across the complex to go home and he does. I always said, "let's go home" in the beginning too, so he knows what that word means. I still almost always give him a kibble, but not all the time. Maybe you could hang something on your door knob, just in case for some reason you didn't trust that she found it. How about a door mat? Could you put one in the middle of the path? I'm lucky because I have a dip in the sidewalk. But yeah, Carin's right. Ushi is gonna know that door is where her food is. After a month, you could be in a total daze and she'll get you there. 🙂

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