6th Day Of Home Training

Well I had a rather chilled out weekend.  On Saturday morning, I woke up shortly after 7, and had turned off my alarm.  I thought “Shit!  I’ve missed Ushi’s feeding time!” So I had to check my clock at least 7 times before I knew that it was deffinetly after 7.  I thought my clock said 11!  We didn’t do much the rest of the day.
On Saturday night, I decided to groom Ushi.  The instructors suggested that I take the collars off, so that she would relax, and so that I could get at her neck and such a bit better.  So I decided to do this.  She was great for most of the time, but there was one point where she decided to move around when I got her to “Upstand”.  I was grooming her left side at the time, and probably should have corrected her, but I ended up being draped over her while I tried to groom lol.   Was rather mad.  It ended up where I just put the collar back on her.
Yesterday was spent doing pritty much nothing.  It was good to pritty much chill, and be able to have the luxury of being able to go back to bed for an hour after the morning routine,-pure bliss!!
It was back to butts this morning though.  My instructor came at about half 11 this time, as we were going to do our second walk in the afternoon, as they didn’t have to go to see the other client.
Well both the walks were rather bad in my oppinion.  We first did the walk that we did on Thursday and Friday.  At the start of the walk, I thought that we were only to go to the kerb on our second corner.  It turned out that we would go to the kerb on both corners as they were both “rounded kerbs”.  I then kept going, and forgot that I needed to cross, as if we just kept going, that would be the “block route” that we had done last week.
It went well up until  there was a part where I needed Ushi to stay “In”, and then “find the kerb” to an entrance, which would now become my “down kerb”, rather than the kerb that Ushi would take me too, which would now become the “side kerb”.  There was a car parked at our kerb to the entrance, so we walked around it, and then I suddenly found the “Up kerb”.  Well I tripped on it lol.  Normally it would just be a slope up but because there was the car, it was directly on the slope.
Everything went fine until we came to the road just before my entrance to my housing estate.  I went round the corner, and got Ushi “up to the kerb”.  The kerb was rather flat, so i thought that I was in the right place, so I went left, and then did a “back” turn.  I then found the kerb again, but I found out that I was just to treat it like a normal kerb, in which you would just go round the corner a couple of steps, and then ask her “Up to the kerb”.  There was a part of the route that is just across the road opposite the house, which I got really confused about on Friday.  It was a “rounded kerb”, but apparently you only had to “outdent” if you were going “straight on” and if you were turning you didn’t have to do that at all.  We got back to the house and chatted for a while, before the instructors came back to get me at about 2 o’clock.
When they came back, they asked me what routes I wanted to do.  I didn’t know to be honest, since I always just went out with my dad  and sister.  I just mainly went for the craic to be honest.  So i said this, and the instructors were like “what do you want to do yourself?”.  That was hard.  I decided that the main route i wanted to learn was to town.  That way I could meet some of my friends and that for lunch or coffee.  We agreed that first, we would continue learning the routes we had done, like the block route and the matching visit walk, and then we would learn a new route up to a shop near to where we walked.  We were going to have a look at this today on the walk.
Well I went well until I got to that down kerb at the entrance way.  The car was still parked there, so I walked around it.  I didn’t feel the “Up kerb” at all this time, so kept going, until my instructor stopped me.  She said that I was very very close to the busy traffic, which was a bit bad.  I was still on the kerb, but just really close to the “side kerb”.  We went back and tried to work it out again.  We did that a couple of times, and then we decided that I would take the lead in my right hand, just to encourage her “in” and “Straight”, then let her go past the car, and then tell her “In” and “find the step” if I hadn’t found the deffinet slope up.
Shortly after this, I would tell her to “find the crossing” and “Over”. This is the new part of the route, whereas we would just go straight on otherwise.  So basically we crossed over, and turned left until we came to a piece of tactile.  We crossed over this, and a little “island” in the road, then turned left again and went down a slope.  We crossed another piece of tactile, then went left again, and went straight on instead of crossing for the Co opp.  We just went straight on, until we came to a rougher bit of ground, then I told Ushi to “find the shop”.  I then told her to “find the step”, and “Forward”.   She took me straight to the counter, which was cool.  We didn’t buy anything, but they say that it is good to get the dog to go into the shop, so that they know that they do go in there.  I just turned round, and told her to “find the door” when we were going out.  After we got out of the shop, I just told her “Over” and “find the way”.
It went grand after that, until we were back on the matching walk.  I got to the first corner and thought that we crossed the road rather than turning right.  I don’t know why I thought this.  The rest of the walk went good.
There were quite alot of mistakes this time.  On both, which was quite bad.  The instructors say that they would rather things went bad  now though, rather than when I am qualified.  They basically want me to get me doing the matching walk right for about 4 times, before they are satisfied and I am confident.
They said that over all it was a good walk, but I thought that it was all bad.
I just chilled for the rest of the day.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day!

2 Comments on “6th Day Of Home Training”

  1. Carin says:

    Hey, where's in-home training day no. 5?Don't worry about mistakes. Mistakes help you solve problems. If you don't make 'em, you don't know what feels wrong.

  2. Torie says:

    Carren just posted day 5. Cause yesterday was such a crappy day, I wanted to get it down. Xxx.

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