7th Day Of Home Training

I am pleased to say that today was a much much better walk than yesterday.

My instructor came at about half 9. The other instructor was away somewhere else.

We first of all drove down to the new part of the route we learned yesterday, to do it on the short handle. We just did this part, and didn’t start back at the house. I learnt that at one point there is a “zebra crossing”, and that cars are meant to stop there, and if they don’t, they can get into trouble. I just wanted to make sure that the cars would stop, and it wasn’t just a case of them sometimes stopping.

We went through some of the bits I had trouble with yesterday too, before going back to the car to get Ushi.

We just concentrated on the new bit, and the only real problem we had was that I told her to “find the shop” and she took me up an entrance way which was just beside where the door was. I think I told her too early lol. I then missed where I was meant to tell her “Over” as we were going up a slope, and I wanted her to find the right part of the slope. Apart from that, it was a really good walk.

We headed back to the house for about half an hour, so that we could chill before we did the full walk that we did yesterday. We weren’t going to the shop this time, just continuing straight on. It was g great! Up until the last corner before we would cross over. She saw a rather playful dog. I thought that she had stopped because there was an obsticle, so I got her to go up to the kerb. I tried asking her to go straight on a couple of times, but she wouldn’t go, so the kerb was the next option. She was still really distracted, and my instructor said to give her a major correction for that. I did, and was quite firm with her all the rest of the way home, which wasn’t that long. I was then crossing at one point, and crossed over, but i think I had the lead in my right hand, and she was going right a bit too much. She ended up going on a speed bump, so I got really nervous, as I couldn’t find my kerb. I got her to go up to the kerb, and I tried to work out what the craic was. I had a listen to my traffic, and eventually with my instructors help, got her to do a right turn, and we were on the home straight. I think though that I just need to only hold the lead out slightly when I am using it, as it keeps her straighter.

Both walks were brilliant up until the point where she got all distracted. I thought “Ya had to go and ruen it!”. It’s a good job guide dogs can’t read our thoughts lol.

I am so glad that today was a much better day. I think too that yesterday was so horrible was that I was thinking a bit too far ahead, rather than getting to each down kerb. Oh well. I think because I was thinking about the kerb where I had to keep Ushi “In” threw me a bit.

The instructors said that yesterday was a “learning day”. I still didn’t think it was, but they would rather I made mistakes now rather than when I qualify.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day too!!. It feels so great to finally have all the days written, and not having to backdate any more. Thanks again guys for all the lovely comments.


6 Comments on “7th Day Of Home Training”

  1. Carin says:

    Oh don't think they don't read our minds hahahha! There are some things Trix does that just weird me out because there's no way I gave her any signal I wanted x, but she'll stop there. Or after I have become sufficiently freaked out about something she's doing, she'll stop doing it. It's creepy.

  2. Jen and Bil says:

    lol Yeah! Bilko does that too! He can definitely tell when I'm having a crappy day too.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Torie, I’m glad that things are working out still! I think you’re doing pretty fine to me. I keep reading stuff that you think things are going badly and all that, which would be right if you were making the same mistakes or more of them after a year or two, but you know this is the first time you’ve had a guide dog. So even if you find that you’re doing terrible, well at least you’re lucky that you’re not doing bad enough to have the dog taken from you lol! Don’t stress! (Smile) I know it’s a stressful time at the moment, but it’ll be all good. And the grooming thing: Troy moves around a lot when I’m grooming him too, but I only correct him when he’s acting up, like say he’s trying to walk away from me, or if he gets distracted by a smell and starts not cooperating with me or something. But it’s personal preference for what we want our dogs to be doing for us of course. The only advice I could give there is not to make Ushi feel that she can’t make herself comfortable and all that, not that you’re meaning bad lol! (Smile) Don’t worry, I’m just giving my two quid so let me know if it’s not helpful… Oh by the way, Troy reads my thoughts all the time. I was really angry this morning because of a disagreement I had with someone, and when I called Troy over and told him I wasn't angry, he nuzzled me as if he was trying to calm me down! He was right, I was really infuriated and need calming down before I blew my top! He can also tell if he's been really naughty because when I tell him off and think things like "this bloody dog needs to stop being so horible" etc, well he really tries to be the best guide dog after that. I think you'll find than when Ushi gets used to you after a few months or weeks, she'll catch on and try to help when you're stressed or upset too! She's just learning now, so I bet in time she'll probably nuzzle you and remind you to fret less lol! No, it's fine. You've just started out together, so you're not alone in the tears and freaking out over stuffing up all the time and the other stuff that comes along with learning something new.Have a good day! XXMichelle

  4. Michelle says:

    Sorry, I was trying to say that when I told Troy I wasn't angry at him, he understaood what I meant. I hate when I make mistakes when I'm typing and then I don't know if people might misinterpret something I've written because some words are missing from the sentence. kGosh.

  5. Torie says:

    Thanks mechille. I haven't been reading your blog lately-have to get round to it!I know i write alot about doing things wrong and that, but I just worry lol. They said that i am learning from my mistakes, and if i wasn't, then they would have to have a chat about my safety and that. Hopefully that doesn't happen!I will try and make Ushi all comfy-have just had the collar on since saturday night-as I have got my little bro to help me do some of the grooming-so that he kind of feels included. She is grand. I was sitting on the floor and asked her to stand, but she wouldn't so when I changed my body position so that i was on my knees, she stood up fine! I wouldn't have thought that that would have made a difference.But thanks for the advice-I am only learning, so need all the advice I can get sometimes!!Take care, xxxx, and sorry Michelle for not reading your blog!!

  6. Michelle says:

    No It's all right. I know you're busy with getting used to Ushi and other stuff you have to do, so yeah read the blog whenever you feel up to it.You're saying that you like to take Ushi's collar off sometimes? Ro takes Jayden's collar off from time to time too. I've tried taking Troy's collar off from time to time, he only has a training collar. But Troy getss all het up when he sees it in my hand as if to say hey! Where's my collar! So I've decided that I wouldn't take it off at all except for when I'm grooming him, and it works out better for him. He doesn't like losing any of his posessions lol! I lost his collar once too, so I'm gust going to leave it on him unless I have to take it off when I'm brushing him. He does fine with it.

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