12th Day Of Home Training

I felt fine this morning, but after I had breakfast, i just wanted to crawl back into bed! Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that though.

My instructor left the harness at the door again at about a quarter past 10. We set off, as usual.

I managed to get to the shop with no problems. She seemed rather distracted though. I quickly sorted that out though with a flick of the harness.

When I got to the shop, I chatted for a while with one of the ladies who runs it. I then asked Ushi to “find the door” and we were on our way. When we came out, Ushi just didn’t seem to be going straight. She didn’t walk me round a lamp post either, so I got her to re work it. I went back to the door of the sho, when a guy came up to me. He said that he knew my dad, and that. He said that i was doing really well and all. He asked if i would like some help, and i just said that Ushi was a pain, so i was getting her to do it again. She went on grand, but i wasn’t sure exactly where I was, so i asked if there was a slope going up to my left, as this was the slope i needed to use. He said there was, so I was like oh good! We went on without a hitch.

There were loads of people who offered me sighted assistance, which was nice. I politely told them that i was grand though-although some of them just ssaid that it was safe to cross, so I thanked them, and went on my way. One man came up to me and was like “would you like me to help you across the road as your dog doesn’t seem to be doing what it is told”. (she was sitting waiting like a good girl at the kerb). I couldn’t be bothered explaining that yes she was doing her job, so I just said i was fine, and said “forward” rather forcefully before thanking him. Some people are just weird.

I managed to stay out of the road for this walk which was good. Ushi found home no problem!!!!! Good girl!!

At about 12 o’clock, my instructors came back to do the matching walk. It also went grand, and Ushi wasn’t as distracted, which was good.

We were doing wonderfully until the kerb just before the road to our house. I indent on this kerb, and I usually do it until i get brushed by a hedge that is always there. So i got my brush, and then told Ushi “Up to the kerb”. I crossed as normal, thinking that nothing was wrong. I forgot that my guiding road was on my right, and started to pull Ushi to the right with my lead. Well I didn’t pull her, just gently encouraged her to the right. I couldn’t find my up kerb, and panicked. I thought “there must be a kerb to the right of me”, so I kept going. I found a car parked, and got round it, then told her “In” and “find the step”. I thought I would go on for a couple of steps, to see if i could work out where I was. The other instructor stepped out, and i was like “shit!”. She was like “no shit, we’re going to work this out.”. What had happened was that she had actually straightened herself up, but I had pulled her right. There is a speed bump in the middle of the road, and i should have been on the flat part of the bump, but i was on the part that sloped to the right. We re worked it, and after that we were grand. Again, we found home no bother.

When I got to my door, my rehab worker came over to me to say hi. Apparently he was going down through the estate anyway, and happened to bump into my instructors. He saw all the route!! Damn why did he have to be there when I wondered out into the road! lol. He said that I was doing grand, and to keep up the work and that. It was nice to see him again. In fact, he came round shortly after the walk too, just for a catch up really. He says he is going to come out when we qualify, and we can meet up for a coffee or something. I wasn’t expecting to see him for a while lol.

I didn’t really do much for the rest of the day. We had one problem when i took her out for her spends though. We recently cut our grass, and behind her favourite hedge, where she does her business, it is all kind of in clumps. She then decided to go chasing the grass, and each time i went to get her (when she stops i usually come over and take her collar), and run round the garden throwing grass in the air. She was a total mare, and i gave her a huge correction when I got her. I ended up that i just put her on a long lead and let her spend that way. I only did this for the last spend, because it was raining, and i didn’t want to chase her all night. I will have to have a word with the instructors to see what the craic is. Any suggestions as to how to stop her doing this?

I hope that tomorrow I don’t end up going across the guiding road! It was a minor mistake though, but I did it twice in a row, at different points. I hope it doesn’t happen though! I want to have two really good walks tomorrow, so here’s hoping!


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