Facebook Favour For Guide Dog Week

As you may not be aware, it’s Guide Dog week here (2nd-10 October). This is a big fundraising thing that happens, and there are loads of different events going on throughout the week. I suggested that we could all try and raise the fan count on our local teams facebook page. It didn’t really work on facebook, so I have a little favour to ask….

If any of you guys have facebook and or either in Northern ireland, or else just want to check out the work of a fabulous district team, could you please suggest to all your friends to add “guide dogs in Northern Ireland” to their facebook pages? I wouldn’t normally do this, but just thought it would be a quick and free idea to do my part for Guide dog week (I can’t actually fundraise for 6 months to a year). You’ll get to read about the work of our team, plus read a blog written weekly about two guide dogs who are in advanced training! I wasn’t told to do this by the way, I just thought it would be a good idea.

So come on guys, before Guide dog week ends, let’s try and make the guide dogs page get some more fans. Promote it any way you can! Here is
Guide Dogs In Northern Irelands
Facebook page!!! What an awesome team! Thanks guys for doing this!


5 Comments on “Facebook Favour For Guide Dog Week”

  1. Terri says:

    After i qualified i was allowed to fundraise with Uma and did our first one during guide dogs week on the Saturday, it was when they dropped the age limit. Give it another month and i dont see why you couldnt go along to collections with Ushi.

  2. Torie says:

    Our team say that they would rather that we just worked as a team for this first 6 months, and then maybe after that they will think about fund raising. They say that it is very stressful for you and the dog, so you need to be ready for it. They say that there is a chance that it could be detrimental to your work with the dog. I just thought the facebook thing would be good, since it doesn't take much time!I didn't think they would let you fund raise so quickly!! Xxx.

  3. Terri says:

    Me and Uma had been working solidly for about 2 and a half months after i qualified before i went to go and do it. She settled with me and into my routine very quickly but with other dogs it does take longer and i can see what your team are saying. It was only the two of us collecting and Uma wasnt working she was just on a lead and i had been guided from a train station that she knew, so it wasnt a problem really and she loves people so my team were fine with it.

  4. Torie says:

    Ah right. When I read your comment I thought you meant that you had been collecting just a couple days after qualification. Sorry lol. My time will come though. Just need to build up the old confidence a bit. Xx.

  5. Terri says:

    oh no, i dont recomend anyone to do it straight away after they qualify lol but a few months after is fine

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