Yaktrax-Anyone Used Them?

Unfortunately over the last couple of days it has gotten much colder. This has braught home the fact that the old snow and ice will be on the way soon..

I hated how bad it was last year. It was totally horrible!! I am kind of dreading it this year, because the more snow/ice the less I can work Ushi, which I don’t want at all!!!

My friend baught a pair of “yaktrax” last year. These are rubber things that slip on over your regular shoes. They have little coils of metal or something on them to give you a better grip on the ice. The coils are curly so they don’t harm a doggies paws. Sorry this is just a brief description, but
This Website
Might tell you more. (Or else I could get my friend to email me about them and put it up here!). I think the website will give you more info though.

What I am really wondering about is have any of you guys used these? Are they worth paying the £20 for? Are they effective?

I’m seriously considering investing in a pair, but i’m just looking on oppinions first.

Thanks, and while you’re at it, does anyone own a “B type” guide dog harness? It has a wide handle? I just ask because I was a bit bored last night and took off my handle. I’m not sure if i put it on the right way (didn’t work Ushi today). I think the bend goes to the left? Thanks again guys.

8 Comments on “Yaktrax-Anyone Used Them?”

  1. Katrin says:

    I live in New England and yes have Yaktrax and yes use them and yes have used them while working my dog and yes I think they are a great thing to have if you live in areas with ice! They aren't really effective in snow, but for icy conditions they are great. They have 2 kinds I think 1 for more active running type activities and their regular kind. I have the regular kind and find they work fine, since we get more snow here as of late than ice, but if I walked a lot in icy conditions I would probably invest in the higher end more active ones they have that strap on over your shoes instead of just pressure fitting around the bottom. Also be sure you never walk on hardwood floors with them on since they'll wreck the finish on the floor.

  2. Michelle says:

    I reckon you could still work Ushi if you ask the instructors about stuff to go over the dog's paws, or some kind of coat or something of the like. Or Karin from VomitComet writes about her dog Trixie, saying that she applies a special anti-freezing cream to the paws. The dog tries to lick them, but the idea is to keep the dog occupied while you're out to minimise it, this way you can work Ushi in snowy conditions. Guide dogs work in snow and ice in America, so why not in Ireland? Sorry, I'm not trying to push you out of your comfort zone lolk! Just thinking of ideas to help you with keeping up Ushi's work in snow. Plus if she's a lab, her nice thick coat will keep her warm, not really warm, just stop the cold from getting to her if you know what I mean? Kind of like wearing a few jumpers and all that if you were trecking in the snow. If she doesn't like it, then I guess it's just going to mean her missing out on work… Unfortunately some guide dogs hate snow and try not to work at all, or some other kind of complaining signals, if they think they'll have to go near snow. Hopefully it'll work out for you!

  3. Torie says:

    Well I think that even with the yaktrax, you still have to have your wits about you. I mean if Ushi slides about in the garden loads, then maybe working isn't such a good idea. I will just have to play it by ear, and hopefully we will have a few more weeks without ice or snow!!Take care, and i was thinking of getting the "yaktrax pro" I think it is called? Xxx.

  4. Terri says:

    Hi yes i think the bend goes to the left and the straight part is closest to you, the clips should be so the opening is on the top, hope that helps?

  5. Terri says:

    I worked Uma in snow and ice last year and she loved it. On the ice she liked sliding about but as soon as she noticed i was struggling she slowed down and did when i told her too. In the snow, the only problem she had was locating and stopping at some of the kerbs because she couldnt see them and they were covereed in snow but other than that she was brilliant and even tried eating the stuff.

  6. Carin says:

    How'd I miss this sucka? I'm gettin' sloppy!Lova da yak trax. If I don't put 'em on my shoes in ice, I'll fall on my tush. Even with Trix going slow, there is that little bit of pull and if my feet slip, down I go with a hard thud. But with the yak trax on it's like ice shmice. Just do not walk with them on tile, or you will do an ungraceful version of the splits. Ker smash!Yup Mushers Secret is a good thing, it forms a barrier between paw and ground so poocho doesn't get hurt by the salt. Salt hurts doggy paws. Yeep yeep yeep! If Ushi will do the boots, boots are good too. Trix hates boots.There are some days that are just beyond bad, but I'm sure for most of 'em, yak trax, something on the pooch's paws and steady steady steady will get you through.

  7. Torie says:

    I think I will deffinetly invest in a pair! I was thinking that not alot of peeps would have heard of them! Happy days!!!I take it you have had experience of sliding with them? Lol.We don't have boots or anything for our dogs. Last year was just particularly bad though. Maybe by the time the ice comes we won't have our continuing little stops! Today I barely got out of the house before we had a stoppage. Xx.

  8. Carin says:

    Yup I was warned about the less than graceful gymnastics routine, then did it in my lobby! Ok ok ok lesson learned!Really wonder why she's being so hesitant. Hope it resolves soon. Could just be her testing just how confident you are haha.

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