Describing Pictures

Left a comment in my last entry saying that she wasn’t sure how to describe immages in her post. I think I saw on Ro’s blog too a few weeks ago that she didn’t know how to do it either. I thought i’d write a post on it. It’s quite easy once you know how.

First of all, I would go out of your main post, and save it as a draft. This is in case something happens, you will have a draft saved. Next, maximise the page. Press Alt and space together, then go down to “Maximise”. This will make the page bigger. It seemed to be the only way that the next step works.

Now go down past the “title” of your post if the post is still open. You will see stuff like “check spelling” and such. Go down until you get to “add immage” and press Enter. This should hopefully open a new Internet explorer window.

Here, you have options to add an image from the web, or from your computer. Click the “browse” button if you are selecting a file off the computer. Choose your picture off your computer, and press Enter. Now go down until you get to the link that says “upload immage”. It will take a minute to upload.

Once it is uploaded, click the “done” button. You can now go back to your post.

Be careful though as the code for the immage will be at the top of the post. I just cut and paste to where I want it. Near the end of the code, you will notice it should say “Alt =” and then two quotation marks. All you do is write the description of the immage in these quotes, and there you go!

You can then go to the end of the box as if you were just carrying on a normal post.

I hope this helps, and sorry if it is too techy. I can also go into more detail if you need it.

Happy describing!

3 Comments on “Describing Pictures”

  1. Jen says:

    Aw cool thanks. I didn't know it would be just as easy as cutting and pasting the code and writing the description there. Off to try and move a picture in a previous post now 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    Awesome, Torie. I also have wanted to do this and your explanation makes sense. I'm going to go try it for the next post I do.

  3. Torie says:

    Good luck with it. I hope it works! I only figured out by asking too. Xxx.

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