2010-A Year In Review

Well it’s that time again, where I write a review of the year. Where has the time gone? I’m feeling a little….empty kind of, and am not really interested in making resolutions or anything. I’m not sure why really. It just doesn’t feel like the end of the year already. Anyway, on to the review. Hmmmmm where to start?

January was pritty quiet really. I was just at
The Cedar Foundation
As usual volunteering to teach people how to use JAWS and the computer.

February had me going off to
The Eye Matter Conference
With the eye matter group. That day took loads of preparation, but it was a good day.

March was pritty boring. My phone had to get repaired, as the power button was inside the phone, which made it turn on and off loads without me being able to do anything. I started my Essential skills assignment, where I had to design a brochure for a holiday. I chose the French Alps. Also at the end of march it decided to snow!

April was pritty much the same, Although it was warmer thankfully. I did discover
Some new blogs
Which I still read. I was far too hard on myself over
Giving the wrong direction to my rehab worker
Which got me quite upset. (Maybe that’s one to try and aim for this year? Not to get so upset about mobility matters).

May was where I and some other people
Wrote a guest post
Those posts were quite a good read, so take a look at her blog to read them. I also made the transition from
Live Journal
over to here. (
). I know more people on here so thought I’d move over.

In June, I Considered the idea of
Blind quilting
(Which is on hiatus at the minute what with getting the guide dog, to just never being able to find a suitable time to meet). I went to see
Pink yet again
Which was awesome. I had some
Burning Guide dog worries
(It’s amazing how wild the mind goes when you’re on the waiting list for a guide dog). That was really all apart from me transfering my old entries to my new blog.

In July I was considering
What Course to do
In September, later got
About the courses on offer. I

Guest posted
About my journey of resiliency, and finally,
Met my new guide dog!
Although it was “just a walk” at this point.

August was quite a busy month. It started with
Another walk With Ushi
Only this time using a wider harness. This was because the first harness (A type/top fitting) was a bit weird to me and I couldn’t get the “guiding tention”. The next day, I got a call saying that Ushi was a “potential” match. All sorts of feelings ran through me that day. I was almost scared to get excited! The next day was the
Matching Visit
And it was a success! I can still hear the instructor saying “Torie, would you like to come on class on the 30th August?”. I will never forget those words! A few days later, I was saying how the guide dog hadn’t sunk in yet, and reflected on
My guidedog journey
I also went on a
With the eye matter group. That was great craic. I got orientated around
The hotel
For class shortly after coming back from the holiday. It was then some
Last minute thoughts
Before beginning class on
My birthday!
What an awesome birthday present! I can still remember how excited I was that day. The last day of August was when I really started work with
And started learning the responsibility of how to look after her. (has it been four months already? Wow).

September was the rest of class (9 days of it were anyway), in which I learnt how to follow Ushi, do obedience, spend her (she took ages to go for me), how to go round obsticles, how to step up beside her, “Off kerb” obsticles, Traffic training, turns, foot positions, how to free run the dog, (that was a bit scarey the first time), how to groom, do the physical check on her, and that was all I think. There was alot to learn anyway. Hard to believe we learnt all that! We also unfortunately had to get rid of our pet dog Sally when Ushi came home, as she was too boysterous for Ushi. (Ushi is quite a submissive dog). September was also the month where
I qualified With Ushi
Which I never thought would come. I wasn’t expecting it, and thought it would take ages for me to qualify. That was scarey taking those first steps. September was also a sad month in a way, as my aunt died of cancer. Rest in peace, Auntie Roberta.

October was just getting to grips with my new partnership with Ushi. Boy was it a bit of a rollercoaster. From her not sitting at her down kerbs (we have since decided that she can stand at them and that is going far better), to her hardly moving from leaving the house, to the district team manager having to come out, to her not noticing the fireworks at all, and just sleeping through them, to finally her dropping her load in a shopping centre. There were times during that month that I really wanted to give her back. I was just so annoyed with her.

November was a much quieter month. from learning a new route, getting lost, her photo opp in the paper, and the stopping stopping, it was a much better month! The snow was a bit of a bummer at the end though.

Now here we are at December. Not being able to work the dog was a pisser again, but everything else has been grand! We have just had some minor trouble with Ushi being an arse with her food and hesitating to eat, but now she is grand. I’m so glad I can work her again!

So it has mostly been a good year. The only bad part was really my aunts death. But i’m so glad that I now have a furry friend to share my life with!

Tomorrow we are taking Ushi down to meet
Which I mentioned a few weeks ago. I’m hoping they get on. If they do, dad was thinking of bringing her up on Saturday. Is this a good idea? (Gran wants rid of her as soon as possible). Also should I let the team know?

All that is left to say now is have a wonderful, happy, healthy, safe 2011. I hope it’s a good one!


One Comment on “2010-A Year In Review”

  1. Jen says:

    Its been a busy year for you!Getting a guide dog always means its a year you will never forget.I'd just wait and see how the meeting goes before deciding to take the dog home. If it was me I think I'd meet a few times first, or bring it to your house as well if possible, but if they seem very relaxed with each other straight away you probably won't have any problems.Happy new year. I hope next year is a great one for you and Ushi.Jen xx

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