A Fun Morning, Sort Of

A couple of days ago, my rehab worker asked if I would like to come to the local branch fundraising meeting today (Thursday). I sent him an email saying that as long as it was okay with the team I would go. (We are not allowed to actively fundraise with our dogs until we are at least 6 months qualified). My rehab worker works for Guidedogs, so he understands this. He explained that it was just a planning meeting, and that he wouldn’t put me in a position where we could both get into bother. So I agreed to come. Normally it would be in a restaurant or something, but it was at my rehab workers house today.

So this morning, I decided to work Ushi before going to the meeting. (I tried to anyway). It was a little icey as I took Ushi out to spend, but thought it wouldn’t be as icey around the estate. How wrong was I! I was going to do the route to the shops, but on going out, decided not to. I got to my first down kerb, and decided that it was just far too slippy to go out. We kept sliding, so it was “steady” all the way. I would have worn my Yaktrax, but since I was going to go into a shopping centre, I didn’t think that would be a good idea. Ushi was really good and tried to guide me past the ice onto a less icyer part. In fact, getting past some obsticles was not really going to happen, because there was a more icyer part, and Ushi didn’t want me walking on it. Good girl! When I went to slide, she stopped dead and looked at me until I told her it was okay to go forward, slowly.

So when we got to our first down kerb, I just turned and went back home. We then waited for my rehab worker to get here.

When we got to his house, Ushi was rather excited. She kept rushing about, and just wouldn’t lie down to settle. (Not like her at all). I didn’t put her on harness as it was just to someone’s house. My rehab worker suggested that I just let her wonder about, as they have a dog (he was in the back yard the whole meeting), and Ushi was probably smelling him. So I let her off, and she wondered around for a bit, before lying down again. Of course she had to get loads of attention from all the members who arrived.

It was a very productive meeting, I thought. Again I can’t actually attend the events that were planned due to me not being allowed to fundraise yet. I’m okay with that though. It is quite sensible really. I mean our bond is quite new, and if we did decided to, say, do a street collection, then it could be very stressful and could ruen all the good work we had put in over the last couple of months. The time will come though when i’m ready though.

It wasn’t Ushi’s best day really as normally she would be so settled. I explained to my rehab worker that I wouldn’t normally do that, and if we were anywhere else, it just wouldn’t have happened where I let her wonder around, but since it was someone’s house I thought it might settle her down a bit. Do you think this was right for me to do this though? I might take the harness next time though, just to calm her down a bit, and so she knows it’s still work time. Plus if I do go to the next meeting, then it would be in a sports hall, or something, so she would have to be on harness.

My rehab worker was all proud of how I was able to “problem solve” with the ice, and that a guidedog owner should be doing that. So at least that was a good thing.

In other news, we took my phone into the shop where I got the new power button attached last year. They had a look at the phone, and think that the underpad of the keyboard needs replaced. They will ring with a price when they order in the part. Hope that helps the phone.

I also hope that the ice and stuff isn’t too bad on Monday as i’ve got aftercare!


4 Comments on “A Fun Morning, Sort Of”

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Torie, I'm glad you're doing well with Ushi! What I'd do is just go with what you know about how to work with a guide dog. If you think she needs to work, put the harness on. If you think she needs to have a wonder around, take it off. Sometimes I leave my dog on lead and just keep him at my feet if he's unsettled, and if he tries to get up, I instruct him to lie down. That way I can tell if he's too unsettled by how well he listens. If he listens very well, I take him off leash after a while, but if not I don't take him off. Then he gets the message that just because we go somewhere to relax doesn't mean he's allowed to play up at his own choosing. I hope this helps. I also hope your phone gets better too lol.Take care,Michelle

  2. Terri says:

    Hi Torie, hope your well and had a good christams and new year, i spent mine ill and am still ill now.You sound like your doing a really good job with Ushi. Uma used to be very hyper when ever we went some where new. I;ve always had to be firm with her, when her harness is on i dont allow her to say hello to people, as she would be all over them and trying to climb on to them and not listening to me. she has always been this way with people. Normally once she is settled i take off the harness and just have her on lead if it is a open plan room and she can wonder off. If its a closed room and no one minds Uma being off lead then i let her wonder around the room.If you do fundraise i advise you take the harness off, then let people stroke Ushi. I've spent far too long teaching Uma that when she has her harness on she is working and shouldnt try and interact with people, as she would try to go over to some one if they looked at her or she would follow them if they stroked her.

  3. Torie says:

    I am sorry to hear about you being ill. I hope you get better soon. I had a good christmas yes.I would usually keep the harness on if it is really really busy. Ushi would usually jump on people if they run towards us. I always give a firm correction when she does it.Take care, and hope you get better soon. Xxx.

  4. Jen says:

    I'm like Michelle, I keep the harness on or off depending on the mood OJ is in and how well he's listening and behaving himself.There's no right or wrong thing, whatever works, as long as she doesn't jump up on people or think she can get petted every time someone comes up to you when she's working.Jen x

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