Todays Aftercare

Remember a few posts ago I told you that I was going to have aftercare last week but it was canceled? Well I had it today.

I was going to email my other instructor who is now back from training in England on Sunday, but decided not to. I got a phone call from the current instructor working with me to ask if today at 1 o’clock would be okay. It was.

This morning I decided to get up early after the morning routine, to give Ushi a good groom. Since it was such a nice day, I decided to do a walk before aftercare.

On the walk, I met my friend and her guide dog who were just heading home from doing some work. the two dogs were a little excited to see each other, but once we got them sitting and told them no, they were grand. Although my friends dog kept barking every so often lol. They left shortly after, and I went on my way.

There was a van parked shortly afterwards, and Ushi took me up a driveway to get past it, but decided to go into someone’s open front door! Some lovely ladies got me back on track though. I love nice people!

The rest of the walk was uneventful.

When we got back to the house, some men were working at our electric meter cupboard. Of course everything was left all over the place!

Shortly afterwards, my instructors rang me to let me know that they were ready for me. We agreed that I wouldn’t ask for help unless I needed them, and they would stay in their cars. They didn’t want Ushi to be distracted by them. Before we left, they asked if i wanted to do the walk since I had been out earlier! Of course I wanted to!

I set off with a little bounce in my step for some reason.

The walk went uneventful again. I was fully prepared as we went out of the shops that she was going to stop, but she didn’t at all! I was ready to curse her! Of course I was glad that she didn’t, but I wanted to show the instructors that she was doing it! She was a little distracted on the way home, and missed a couple of kerbs, but apart from that, she was grand! Maybe she just wanted to test me since she probably knew it was aftercare.

The instructors said that they were really pleased with me. They were pleased that I was able to handle her, and didn’t let her get away with anything. They said that compared to how she used to be when we first started that she has made massive improvements! I hadn’t noticed!

They said that her stopping was probably that she was bored. They are going to leave me a few months (I was hoping to learn trains this month, but we can’t have everything). Anyway they want me to head further into town, either with my dad first, then on my own. They said I could just go out of the shopping centre, and it’s practically straight down to the next shopping centre. So i’ll have to see how adventurous I am feeling. They said that her problem is that she can get bored of routes quite quickly. They are impressed at how good i am at solving problems too!

So hopefully we’ll find something to do route wise.

Oh and I also explained our down problem, and they say it’s just her being stubborn.

I was pleased with how today went. Happy days! And they wouldn’t be leaving me so long if they didn’t think i was ready.

She was a bit of an imp this morning though. I let her wonder around and do her business without me going down to the garden with her. She wouldn’t come up, so I went to investigate. She had a stick in her mouth and each time I went to grab it, she played chasies! I shouted at her for that and just went down with her afterwards.

We also had a bit of an incident last night while playing. My friend baught her a blanket that I think mentioned before. We sometimes would tug it a little. We were in the middle of this last night, when I got it off her, and she went to grab the blanket, but she caught my leg! I squealed, and the poor girl wouldn’t bother with me for like an hour afterwards! Poor woman! I hadn’t even corrected or anything.

So the aftercare was a great success I think. Just think, 3 months from now, i’ll be 7 months qualified! Wow!

2 Comments on “Todays Aftercare”

  1. Jen says:

    Glad it went so well for you. That's great!

  2. Terri says:

    Aww glad it went well. I think you should venture further, do it with your dad first and if Ushi is like Uma she will remember the way next time you go on your own. Uma likes playing with sticks and i dont mind as long as she doesnt start eating them, when i hear her crunching them thats when i get them off her or say leave it and she just drops them onto the ground. Her favourite are the huge branches she picks them up and tries to run with them and she doesnt get very far, so its ok as long as she doesnt eat them she just wanted you to play with her i think.

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