The "MacNeil MCN300 Green Apple Talking Alarm Clock"

Today my friend got around to giving me her christmas present. (she forgot it last week, and we hadn’t seen each other before that). It was worth waiting though.

She got me a willo “friend ship” angel, two charms for my charm bracelet, and a talking clock. I thought i’d write about the clock.

I got the
MacNeil MCN300 Green Apple Talking Alarm Clock
Or should I say my friend got it from there. I thought that at first the willo angel was in the smaller box and that the clock in the bigger one, but the clock was in a really small box. When I put the batteries in, an alarm suddenly sounded. Jesus it was loud! I pushed down the stalk at the top, and it made a little sound then told me the time, and the temperature. The time and temperature needed to be set though, as the temperature was in farinheight and the time was AM instead of PM.

There are three buttons on the back of it. Two of them set the time, while the third changes the temperature from Celsious to farrenheight and back.

I haven’t set the alarm on it yet, and don’t think I will as it is extremely loud and there is no volume control! Apart from that, it is a good wee clock. It has a female american voice which is quite clear.

I was hoping to use the clock to wake me up, but I think i’ll be sticking to the phone lol. I wish there was a volume on it! It’ll be useful for checking the time though if I wake up in the middle of the night. I’ll have to remember to cover the speaker though when I do lol.

Apart from no volume it seems like a cool wee clock! I haven’t done much with it though. It wasn’t designed for visually impaired, but it is so useful! I think there are lights on it too but not sure.

I must thank my friend though for such a useful christmas present! (I got her a cap and an amazon certificate).


2 Comments on “The "MacNeil MCN300 Green Apple Talking Alarm Clock"”

  1. I love the temperature setting on those things. :)What a thoughtful Cristmas present.

  2. Torie says:

    I know. I'm really disappointed in the volume though! It's prob designed that way though so that you actually do wake up lol.Your blog is really bubbley by the way. Reading through it at mo. Xxx.

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