Me And The Quilting

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was hopefully
Going to quilt
Shortly. Well we agreed to meet the following Monday after our first meeting. She found me a
Quilting Hoop
Over that weekend, and we were off.

So for the past couple of mondays we’ve been meeting in our local coffee shop to quilt. I think it’s great not just for me but for Ushi too. It gets her more experience of being in a coffee shop and means that she has to stay lying down for most of the time without fussing or anything. It also gives our Monday mornings a purpose, which means no stopping! That is a massive massive bonus.

The quilting has actually been quite easy really. We started by experimenting with some different threads. We first tried really thin thread, a slightly thicker one which tended to break when I pulled it, which meant that the needle came off all the time, and finally we have settled on a thread called “chrochet cotton” I think it’s called. It didn’t come off the needle nearly as much as the other threads did!

I have only been doing basic stitches so far, but it seems pritty interesting. The woman can’t believe how good my stitches are lol!

We have had a little trouble after about half an hour to an hour with Ushi getting a little bored and sitting up, but apart from that she is grand! I let her sit up because she isn’t harming anyone, and as long as she sits quietly I don’t mind. She did get very nosey today when there were a couple of three year olds behind our table. She kept trying to go over so I had to get up and get her over with me again. (I always keep a hold of the lead so I know where she is). She also tried to eat the crumbs on the floor, but a quick correction soon helped that. After that she just lay down and slept for the rest of the session.

I am really enjoying it and appreciate how thorough the woman is being. I told her today that I appreciated her trying with me, and she said that I can put my mind to anything which was good to hear. I even find that I don’t need the masking tape that I use for making a line now as I can follow the lines that I have already done! I find the time just whizzes by when we’re busy doing it and chatting.

We had a slight incident today going home though. There were some road works going on, and I think they confused Ushi. They were across the road but we ended up an entry. I asked a nice kind woman and she helped me on my way again. Ushi then wouldn’t find her zebra crossing that we needed to find to start the homeward trek, but after going back a few times she finally found it.

I am pleased with how things are going, and hope that I continue to enjoy it!


3 Comments on “Me And The Quilting”

  1. Jen says:

    That's great your enjoying it so far. Its good you have somewhere to take Ushi regularly. Dogs love routine!Hope your bro is okay.Jen x

  2. It's really neat you are learning to quilt-it's kind of a productive hobby isn't it? 🙂

  3. Torie says:

    Jess i didn't know you did quilting? Class! It's sort of like art in a way.Jenifer-my bro will hopefully be okay. We haven't heard anything, so no news is good news. Xxx.

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