Beware Of The Big Scarey Hoover Monster!

Hey humans and woofy doggies. It’s Ushi again. I haven’t been on here for a while, but there is something I must tell you about!

Mums sister uses this big thing that roars when it gets turned on. It sucks up all my loose dog hair, and once it nearly tried to suck me up too. Mum says it’s called a “hoover”.

Every couple of days it comes out, and it is just so horrible! When it gets turned on, i press myself up against mums leg, which I love, since i get loads of pets. Today it was on, and i was going to go over to my bed where it couldn’t get me, but it came at me and towards my bed! I did a little jump and managed to knock over my water bowl! Mum wasn’t really too happy with me doing that though. I just couldn’t get away.

I tried to be brave and just thought that maybe it tried to suck me up because it got confused, but that never seems to work.

So i’m writing here to tell you that you all must beware of the hoover monster. I just got away by the skin of my teeth, but really i might not be so lucky next time. Mum tries to explain to me that it won’t get me, but i don’t believe her.

Have you got any tips on how to stop the evil hoover monster? And why does it need my hair?

I’m gonna sleep now but just thought i’d warn you all about this. Tips would be great! Thanks!


5 Comments on “Beware Of The Big Scarey Hoover Monster!”

  1. Oh you poor Ushi. 🙂

  2. Beth Finke says:

    Tory, thanks for commenting to my blog! Sorry to say I have no advice for you, none of my Seeing Eye dogs have been afraid of the Hoover. Now that I think of it, though, I am nowhere as clean as you are — I sure don't Hoover every other day!

  3. Terri says:

    The best thing is to not fuss her when the vacum comes out other wise she will play on the fact if she pretends to be scared your give her a fuss, just ignore her when she does it. Uma hates the vacum too but i just get on with it and she normally goes in the other room

  4. Tia says:

    Ushi Dogface, hoover monsters aren't too scary. They are a little, but not a lot, and as long as you keep out of their way, they don't suck you up. Trust me. I know. The human says that your people shouldn't fuss you at all when the hoover comes out, cuz then your behaviour is being rewarded and reinforced. Thaat's not a good thing to do at all.

  5. Torie says:

    Thanks all for the comments. I hope i haven't done too much damage by paying her attention when it's on! Oops. She usually goes off and does her own thing if i don't give her attention when she wants it so hopefully she'll get the hint with the hoover.And Beth-my sister is a bit of a clean freak lol. She doesn't like loads of dog hair about lol. Take care, xxx.

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