Dog Attack

I was going to blog today about
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For the Iresh blog awards 2011, but I guess that will have to wait….

Today was just an ordinary day, so I thought. I headed out as usual for my quilting course at about 10 o’clock this morning. It was a nice day. Thankfully it wasn’t raining!

At the top of our street there is a dog that usually barks as we go by. I don’t mind it as the owner of that dog has it well secured and it’s nowhere near me. I had just past that dog as usual, when I felt Ushi getting distracted. I corrected her, and she wasn’t paying attention, so I stopped to give a firmer correction. I heard a man say “come here” to his dog, and the next thing I knew, the dog was growling and trying to get at Ushi. I just dropped the harness, and screamed. There was alot of growling from the other dog, and then I heard a couple of yelps from Ushi. The fight only lasted about 30 seconds thankfully, and then it must have walked away. I was crapping myself at this point. (Not litterally though lol). I got up to our second down kerb and started patting her to make sure she wasn’t hurt or anything. These kids came over and this is how the conversation went:
kids:”Are you okay?”. Me:yeah is Ushi alright? She was attacked by that dog. Kids: “That’s our dog. are you not used to seeing dogs fighting?”. Me:no. (what?). Kids:”do you know where you’re going?”. Me:yeah. Me:yeah. Another kid comes over: “what happened?”. Other kids:”Our staffy attacked that dog.”. Me:I thought it was on a lead? Other kids:”yeah but he let it go when he saw you.”. Me:Oh right! (In shock!). Kids:”Where did you get that dog?”. Me:she’s a guide dog. I then went on my way.

I spent the whole way to our destination reassuring her and just telling her what a girl she was. I think it was more for my benifit than hers though.

The owner of the dog didn’t even bother his arse to come over. It was his kids that made sure I was alright. What kind of a dog is that to have around kids? I’m so glad that Ushi didn’t submit herself to the dog though. She tried to get away naturally, but she didn’t submit. She would have been alot worse off if she had done!

After the quilting, I got my dad to walk home with me just in case. He recommended we phone the police so that was what we did when we got home.

The police said first of all that it was the dog warden who needed to be called as I wasn’t attacked. So we called them and they said that while it wasn’t an offence, the fact that he clearly let the dog off the lead was. Back to the police again. (the dog warden had said that there was a report of Ushi (a labrador) attacking this mans dog. What? I explained that Ushi deffinetly wouldn’t do that since she is so submissive and that. I was a bit worried at this point, so while dad was waiting for the police to take him off hold, I rang guide dogs for a quick chat. They said that they didn’t get any complaints from the dog warden, and that the chances of Ushi actually attacking another dog were extremely slim. They said that they would record it and that if it started to affect Ushi’s work they would come out and see what the craic was. They said that it could take a few days before I start to notice any changes. They said that the most important thing to do was to get her to the vets just to make sure there were no hidden injuries. (I couldn’t get an appointment today, so we’ve made it for half 2 tomorrow). We both agree though that it was probably the owner covering his arse.

The police are coming out tomorrow morning.

The dog warden said that if the staffy was his, or he knew of it, he would have it put down tonight. (They can’t arrest anyone yet). They are going to visit the two houses they thinnk have the dog. They say if it starts to affect us, he can take the owner to court. Both the police and the dog warden are paying a visit to the owners home. They said that if the guy tries to say that Ushi attacked his dog, that the dog warden would “laugh in his face”. They deffinetly aren’t taking it too lightly.

The dog warden says that I am to monitor her for signs of shock (apparently she will have pale gums). But going by the way she ate her food and munched on her nylabone, she seems alright. Touch wood anyway!

I am to ring guide dogs back tomorrow after she has been seen by the vet and all.

I will let you know how it goes with the police and all. Thank you so far though for all the kind mentions and well wishes. My confidence has deffinetly taken a beating today. I don’t think i’ll work her tomorrow. I think we both need a day of “confidence boosting”. As if i wasn’t scared of dogs barking enough already! Now I have even more reason to be!

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.

6 Comments on “Dog Attack”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh God Torie that's terrible. It must have been so scarey for you both.What a fucking horrible man. Can't believe the kids checked if you were okay and not him.Hopefully the police and dog wardon will sort it all out soon. Hopefully Ushi will be fine and it won't affect her work or her confidence, and yours too.Have a well deserved day off tomorrow.xx

  2. Oh I am so sorry you had to experience that. It's absolutely horrible and that man should be shot. I can't believe he let go of the leash. And those kids thought fighting dogs was normal?!I have been attacked before-twice. Once with Jetta and once with Glacier. Jetta almost needed stitches. I'm not telling you that to make you feel more anxious. I am telling you that because she was a trooper and once her ear healed up, she worked fine after that. I was so scared that she would quit, but she didn't. People are so ignorant. And there should be hefty penalties for people whose dogs attack guide dogs. I'm from Canada and there isn't much the police can do, but in the United States, people would be charged with assault and a bunch of other things. It's a very serious offense.I hope you guys are ok.hugs

  3. Ro says:

    Ugh. People. Argg!!! I think it's great that you take a day off. It's totally normal to be freaked out and stuff. I'm already freaked out about dog attacks and it hasn't happened yet. Ugh. Just be really happy and fun with her during your little vacation, help to reassure her, that kind of thing. Dammit these people making it hard for you. Grrrr! Take care of you and Ushi girl. *hugs*

  4. Reddunappy says:

    That guy needs a punch in the nose, people are so stupid!!! Hope you two come through this OK and stronger!!!

  5. Torie says:

    Thanks guys for the comments. It's really appreciated. Thank you!Jess i know you're not trying to scare me. Ushi doesn't have any visible injuries anyway and seems grand in herself. I just hope the vet doesn't find anything wrong!Ro I hope I didn't scare you too much. It's scarey scarey stuff. I wasn't too keen on dogs barking at the best of times, but when it was full on growling and all I didn't know what to do! So screaming seemed like the best option. I hope to god that the police can do something. Dog warden wants me to say though that i felt threatened, cause then there is more chance of prosecution. I don't think lying would be a good idea though lol.My guide dog instructor even phoned me tonight. You have all been really really really awesome. Thank you so so so much! Xxx.

  6. Ro says:

    There was one day I heard an aggressive sounding dog. I mentioned that to you on Twitter. I said hello and got no response so that was when I began screaming, since I didn't know if a person was around. Stupid dog was on a leash, but the woman wasn't controlling it and didn't even apologize that her dog scared me, nor did she move. I went back the way I cam and cried for a bit, with another neighbor who had witnessed it. Horrible day. I think screaming is instinct lol. Jayden just wanted to say hi to the dog so he wasn't even slightly phased. But we sure can't tell what's going on. It's awful.

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