Police And The Vet

I would first of all like to say thanks to everyone who has sent me twitter messages, blog comments, and facebook messages. Not forgetting just people talking to me face to face. It was much appreciated. Last night I even got a call from my main guide dog mobility instructor! She was horrified as was everyone else. She said to me that the fact that the guy didn’t come over and that he phoned and said that Ushi had attacked his dog spelt guilt. She said though that I should get out as soon as possible. She said that if i need, someone can come up and assess Ushi. She wants someone to go with me for the first couple of days just to build up my confidence again. If Ushi has any problems at all i’m to contact them and they will come out. She also recommended that i get the dog wardens number in my phone should I ever need it again. Most importantly, she said she was there to support me which was great.

I must thank all the guide dogs staff so far that have spoken to me. They have been amazing.

Anyway on to today.

The police came at about 10 o’clock this morning. They had a good look at Ushi and they said that she seemed fine. They said that they know who it might be, but that it would be very hard to prosicute since it might not have been deliberate and the dog could have just got off it’s lead. They said though that the fact that there was no real attempt to get the dog was bad. They are going to speak to our estate association to see if they heard anything and since they reported it they want to know what the craic is with that. They are also speaking to the dog warden. If Ushi has no injuries, they are going with attempted criminal dammage. They said though that they will deffinetly speak to him, and give him a caution if there is evidence against him. They say that the dog warden might even be able to go further with it if they have found something else. I was a bit worried about it happening again if nothing could be done, but they said that he probably wouldn’t want it to happen again since it would cause another investigation. They will come back after I take Ushi to the vets to take an official statement. Fingers crossed though that they do get something else to go on. I don’t want to be worrying all the time if it will be about!

I’ll write more when I’m back from the vets.

We went to the vets at about half 2. While we were waiting to be seen, a dog came towards Ushi, and she backed away a little. I think she is still a bit shaken about the whole thing.

When we went in, the vet gave her a thorough check. He said that everything sounded fine which was good. Dad thought that she would be lifted onto the table, but the vet said that the floor would be better so that it wouldn’t cause her too much stress. The poor girl started trembling though when the vet started to look at her! Some reassuring helped her out there though. I don’t think she likes vets too much.

I’m so glad that she hasn’t any injuries. Thank god!

When we came back to the house, we were waiting for the police to come out again. They later phoned me to say that they got another witness to the attack, but he didn’t know if they would be so keen once a statement was taken. He says that apparently it was a colly that attacked Ushi, and not a staffy. Why would those kids have said it was a staffy then? And get this-the owner apparently pulled the dog off Ushi. If he did, why the hell did he not have the balls to help me! The police will ring me later in the week. They don’t want to get a statement from me if the witness doesn’t come forward. I mean if the witness doesn’t give a statement. I think they really want to catch the guy!

Let’s hope these next few days go alright. I’m getting my sister to come with me tomorrow just to make sure that nothing bad happens, and so I can build my confidence up again. I am really nervous about it. Especially since the guy hasn’t been caught yet!

Hopefully it all goes alright though and we can get back into the swing of things.

2 Comments on “Police And The Vet”

  1. I don't know if you guys treat, but next time you are around a friendly dog, like when you were at the vet, you could give Ushi a treat to show that the dog is good. Even a piece of her kibble would be enough. It's just a suggestion. And I know it's hard, but try not to let her know you're afraid too. That could make her more nervous and make her timid and nervous. I know it's hard. When Jetta was attacked-and Glacier even though it wasn't as bad as Jetta's-I found myself flinching whenever a dog barked at us. I had to stop doing that because I noticed them starting to get skiddish.I really hope the police figure something out. And you're right-that guy has no balls for not saying something. He was probably too afraid to because it would incriminate him. Total jerk.hugs

  2. Torie says:

    I suppose. I don't want to rely on treats too much though. I have to keep telling myself to think positive thoughts tomorrow. I used to jump at a barking dog anyway lol. Now though my god! It's scarey scarey stuff. Thanks for the advice though. What signs should I be looking out for though of her being nervous?Thanks so much! Xxx.

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